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Don?t drive around with a smoky car; it?s bad for the environment and for everyone around you who has to breathe in that blue- gray smoke. Head right on over to Bashaw, AB and visit one of the many auto emissions testing and repair shops. Polluting cars are, after all, a major contributor to global warming. Do the right thing for your car and your environment, or you just might find Al Gore knocking at your door with a baseball bat.

Bashaw, AB Emission Tests

If you want to drive your car legally in Bashaw, AB, you'll need to pass the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) emissions test. If you can't pass it, you?ll have to get some major repairs done before you can be street legal again. That's where we come in: our auto emissions testing and repair will get you back on the road?legally and smog free?in no time at all.

When your catalytic converter or oxygen sensors are faulty, your car's internal combustion engine puts out toxic emissions: emissions other than just carbon dioxide. Your car might not tip the balance, but what if everyone drove around with smoggy cars? It?s a real problem and deserves your attention.

If your car isn't meeting the standard, give us a call. Our Bashaw, AB auto emissions testing and repair shops take your car's health very seriously. We will take your struggling machine and turn it into an efficient powerhouse that will both get you from 0 to 60 faster and spew out fewer harmful emissions. There is nothing more frustrating than going to get your emissions tested so you can get your tags renewed, only to find out that your car is spewing out more toxins than five 18- wheelers . What a waste of a lunch break -- am I right?

One time, I thought I could beat the auto emissions test. But trying to repair my car in my garage turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, and when I was done, I had ten parts that I had no idea what to do with at the end. Don't waste your time, money, and energy. Take your car to a Bashaw, AB auto emissions test and repair shop today.

Bashaw, AB Auto Emissions Optimization

Emission testing is required in almost all states for good reason. Bashaw, AB auto emissions testing and repair guidelines require vehicles over 20 years of age to get tested. Some out- of- shape cars can even spew unburned gasoline out the tail pipe! That?s money just flying away. Not to mention the toxic smoke that?s probably accompanying it. Our auto emissions testing and repair stations will make sure you are allowing planet earth to stay around for at least a few years longer ? a good thing for all of us.

For example, I was given an old car from a friend back when I was in college. Well, it didn't turn out to be free. I had to take it in for emissions testing and when I did, I was told that I would have to spend over $200 dollars to get my car's emission system up to standard. That was no small chunk of change for a college kid, but it was worth it because, in addition to other things, I didn?t feel ashamed driving around the parking lot anymore leaving a trail of thick smoke behind me. If your car fails to get that pass sticker on test day, don?t just head to any old shop to get it repaired. Take it right over to a Bashaw, AB Auto Emissions mechanic, where they?ll get your car back in shape the right way, still without breaking the bank.

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