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Machinists are micro-metal artists with an assiduous appetite for making things work. In Bashaw, AB there are plenty of shops that can turn that hunk of rock into something practical and precise.

Bashaw, AB Machinery Operators

Need something scraped? Our meticulous machinists are here to help scrape the heck out of anything your heart desires. Do you have a set of rotors that are lopsided? Need a new fitting for your motorcycle? Our Bashaw, AB machinists are here to help.

Our machinists use a variety of machine tools such as milling machines, lathes, and machine centers, allowing us to produce precision metal parts. Using our experience and vast knowledge of the working properties of metals and tools, we plan and make machined products that meet exact specifications. Our machinists can utilize blueprints, which can be paper or electronic, as well as specifications given to them for a job. We need to know how to calculate where to cut or bore into the work piece, which could be steel, aluminum, plastic, titanium, silicon, or other metals or material that is being shaped. Bashaw, AB machinists also need to know how to plan the sequence of cutting and finishing operations, and mark the work piece to show where cuts will be made.

Once, I had to create a custom engine mount for my Rambler. No one has Rambler parts anymore, but the guy I found was able to make exactly what I needed. Best money I ever spent, except I blew that engine up. It was a tragedy.

Not all Bashaw, AB machine operators are skinny and crazy, like the main character in "The Machinist." That movie was a bunch of negative public relations hooey put out by the robot manufacturers union. Those guys are going to get theirs someday -- probably during the great robot/human wars.

But, if you need a custom part for your car, a special machine built for a mad science project, or just a hinge for you garage door, contact one of our licensed machinists. We'll get the job done.

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