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Mourn the loss of a loved one the right way with grief counseling from professionals in Bashaw, AB who empathize with you and can bring about healing the right way and in the right amount of time.

Bashaw, AB Bereavement Counseling

Our trained and certified grief counselors and therapists are ready to help you begin healing. A death or loss in the family can be quite tragic, but finding help and guidance through a troubling time does not have to be. We are here to help you work through your personal tragedies or your family tragedies. You can cope with your loss. It just might take a little while.

Bereavement most often refers to the state of loss. While a normal part of life for everyone, bereavement carries a degree of risk when limited support is available. Severe reactions to loss may carry over into familial relations and cause trauma for children, spouses and any other family members. While many who participate in Bashaw, AB grief counseling are able to work through their loss independently, accessing additional support from bereavement professionals may promote the process of healing.

Bashaw, AB Grief Therapy

Grief counselors help you to reflect and mourn positively as well as work through moving forward. We understand that no two people grieve the same way or for the same amount of time. Our staff understands the different stages of grief and are here to help you through the duration of the grieving period. Our grief therapists will assist you through the process of grief and create a safe place for your feelings to be expressed and explored. Grief counseling in Bashaw, AB involves the use of clinical tools for traumatic or complicated grief reactions. This could occur when the grief reaction is prolonged or manifests itself through some bodily or behavioral symptom, or by a grief response outside the range of cultural or psychiatrist-defined normality.

Bashaw, AB Mental Health Counseling

I know firsthand that Bashaw, AB grief counseling is a valuable tool for coping with loss. When I was in the seventh grade, a fellow student took his own life. This came as a shock to the whole school. The guy sat next to me in my fifth period class and we also had PE together. Fortunately, I had a trusted counselor in Bashaw, AB who aided me. Without his help, it would have been much harder to deal with losing a friend.

A loss does not have to directly relate to you in order for you to be affected. I know that a counselor helped me to continue with my life. Now, I realize that tragedy does happen and while we miss someone who has passed, we must celebrate their life and not their death.

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