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You were dumb enough to put a map of Bashaw, AB your body now please be smart enough to use our tattoo removal services so no one has to know about the dumb part of this story.

Bashaw, AB Laser Tattoo Removal

One drunken night, in the mid ‘80s, you thought a tattoo of the Tasmanian devil on your chest would be awesome. Problem is, it’s not. It wasn’t. It never will be. Now, you’re starting to regret it, since you got a job as a Bashaw, AB lifeguard and all of the junior high and high school girls at the pool make it a habit to laugh at you. Worst of all, they’ve started bringing their older sisters along for the fun.

I know you’ve tried the convenient baseball sized band-aid to cover it up, but they’ve made a game of fake drowning in the deep end just to make the band-aid wash off.

We are the best at tattoo removal in Bashaw, AB. So you had a drunken night and got a bad tattoo, or maybe you put your flame’s name on your arm and that flame has been extinguished. Sounds like you need our help.

Call one of our Bashaw, AB tattoo removal specialists and regain some of your dignity. We’ll probably use a laser, which is kind of awesome, anyway. Maybe you can even convince one of those older sisters to come along for support. Just try your best not to look like it hurts.

Bashaw, AB Dermabrasion

Bashaw, AB tattoo removal services are dedicated to removing ink and washing away regret. We have all made mistakes, and some of us have commemorated those mistakes with permanent ink.

Lucky for you, there is such a thing as a tattoo eraser. There are several methods available for removing your tattoos. The type of removal typically depends on the tattoo’s size, location, and the length of time it has been on the skin, as well as your overall health.

Dermabrasion is a pretty awesome way to get rid of tattoos. You just want to make sure you go to an up to date specialist. If they come at you with an old belt sander and they fail to give you a general anesthetic, things could take a turn for the worst. Remember this important rule: “you screwed up once, don’t screw up a second time while trying to correct the first mistake.”

Bashaw, AB Excision

Some of the other methods of Bashaw, AB tattoo removal include excision, which involves surgically removing the tattoo, and salt abrasion tattoo removal.

Be warned, some of these methods do come with a slight pain factor, which shouldn’t bother you because you went through pain to get the tattoo in the first place. In addition, no matter which removal method you select, there will be some scarring and/or color variations. Depending on the size and depth of your tattoo, and the procedure used, the healing time can also vary.

To find out how to get rid of that unwanted ink, contact our local Bashaw, AB tattoo removal specialist.

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