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Bashaw, AB Pumps and Pump Supplies - Do you have a swamp in your backyard? We have the solution: send it over to your neighbors. Browse our pumps and pump supplies in Bashaw, AB and find out how you can move that liquid around.

Our pumps have one basic use: they move liquid from one place to another. The speed, volume, and power usage are all up to you.

Uses For Pumps and Pump Supplies in Bashaw, AB

If you have a flooded basement, a swampy yard, or a hundred gallons of heating oil that you need to move, you need our Bashaw, AB pumps and pump supplies. In a nutshell, a pump is a mechanical device that moves liquid by mechanical action – a sucking action, or a displacing action, typically. The mechanics are pretty simple, but pumps have been used for hundreds of years, after the invention of the piston, which allowed human energy to be used to create suction.

For example, if you you’re draining a low area near your fence, you would typically place one of our fine Bashaw, AB pumps or pump supplies in the lowest part of the area to be drained. Plug that baby in, and let it chug away. Nearly all our products run on electical power, but some speciality pumps can be gasoline, wind, or even human powered. For example, windmills are used to drive oil pumps in some states, when only a low output is needed. Some pumps and pump supplies in Bashaw, AB are notoriously slow, but patience is a virtue.

Did you know that there are several types of Bashaw, AB pumps and pump supplies available for purchase? The difference between them has to do with the action of moving the liquid. Some use a screw to move liquid, some use gears, and some use pistons. There are several fascinating properties about the actual action of moving liquid, but we don't want to bore you with the details. It's enough to say that our heavy-duty pumps can drain your pool, basement, or bilge.

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