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Bashaw, AB Real Estate Attorney and Lawyers – Do you need help closing escrow, or a second opinion on the contracts? Real Estate Attorney and Lawyers of Bashaw, AB are here to help.

Real Estate Easement and Encroachment Attorney in Bashaw, AB

Do you have your eye on a house that is pretty much awesome? I remember when I was a kid, Gary Coleman, better known as Arnold of the infamous “what you talking about Willis” TV show Different Strokes, lived in the rich neighborhood about two miles from us. It was one of those gated communities, where kids like me would try to sneak in through the gates, and a fat guy driving a golf cart would chase you around until you finally sneaked back out the gates. Those were the days. Anyway, Gary had the coolest house with the most awesome circular staircase off of his tremendous porch in the backyard, and the legend was that if you happened to be driving by at the stroke of midnight you could see Gary slide down the staircase, and be yelled at for being a fool just for icing on the cake. Okay, back to you: You would like to purchase that awesome house in Bashaw, AB, but there are a few things that you are concerned with, that you want taken care of first. For example, you are pretty sure there is something living in the pool. A Bashaw, AB Real Estate Attorney and Lawyers can get the language you need in the purchase contract stating that they will have it eliminated before the sale is final. And not just killed, but removed from the property and properly disposed of as well. (Alternatively, for you hippie-types, they will make sure it was caught and released into its natural habitat.)

Real Estate Insurance Attorney in Bashaw, AB

On the other hand, perhaps you purchased a Bashaw, AB home, but the house is not in the quality shape you were originally led to believe. Maybe the basement floods every time you run the washer. Or, perhaps you discovered the paint is lead-based, even though the seller assured you it was not, and now your kid is more than a bit loopy, because you let him eat paint chips, thinking they were non-toxic. Contact a Bashaw, AB Real Estate Attorney and Lawyers and get some sort of refund, or maybe a new kid. Just kidding, that was a joke my parents used to make when my sister and I would speak in public. That actually was a joke too; they were usually very nice and tended to provide most of the embarrassing moments so that we did not have to. Actually, maybe that is not completely true, we were pretty embarrassing as kids ourselves, so maybe it was more of a family traveling embarrassment show, kind of like a free circus but less creepy. And that I can live with!

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