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They'll make you want to love paying them even more money for the cost of a hypnotherapy session. So, if you live in Clairmont, AB and want to believe you live on the moon, call one of our professionals today.

Clairmont, AB Hypnotherapy

Clairmont, AB hypnotherapists generally use exercises that bring about deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness or trance-like state. Although Hollywood portrays individuals under hypnosis as goofy or not in control of their state, real hypnotherapy is designed to help you master your own state of awareness. The funny thing is, sometimes you don’t even know you’ve been put under.

They'll make you think they are awesome every time you hear a bell. We are the best hypnotherapists in the Clairmont, AB area. Want to quit smoking or maybe lose weight? Just look deep into our eyes...

I once knew a guy who pissed off a student in med school, something about how hypnotherapy shouldn’t be considered a medical practice because it’s just a stage gag. The guy somehow hypnotized him to start sneezing uncontrollably every time he talked to a pretty girl. It was hilarious, and enough of a demonstration to make me believe in hypnotherapy forever.

Clairmont, AB Hypnosis

Our hypnotists have helped people quit smoking, lose weight, improve self-esteem, improve dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress related illness, pain management, and with personal development. We give our patients an opportunity to confront and overcome their problems.

I once had a friend who would go into violent spasms uncontrollably whenever he would hear Mary Hart’s voice from “Entertainment Tonight.” At first, he couldn’t tell what was wrong, and the spasms were strange and a bit scary. But one day we were in my friend Jerry’s apartment, and Mary was on TV. Like clockwork, Kramer started to spasm and flail like a turkey with its head cut off.

The local Clairmont, AB hypnotherapist was able to cure him, and he wouldn’t even place any post-hypnotic suggestions like in The Manchurian Candidate.

Clairmont, AB Mesmerism

When you visit our Clairmont, AB hypnotherapy office, we will ask you questions regarding your medical history, and your reason for your visit. We want to understand your reasoning for choosing hypnotherapy. After the initial questions, we will explain what hypnosis is and how it works. Our skilled hypnotherapist will then guide you through relaxation techniques, using a series of mental images or by having you fixate and concentrate on an object. They will then provide suggestions intended to change certain behaviors and alleviate symptoms.

We can even teach you the basics of self-hypnosis, which will enable you to recreate the feeling you experienced during a session and reinforce the learning on your own. If you are looking for an alternative to pills and powders, contact our local Clairmont, AB hypnotherapist today to find out how they can help.

One popular misconception of modern hypnotherapy is that it is the same as mesmerism. Mesmerism was supposed to channel a mysterious "occult" force called "animal magnetism." James Braid, an early contemporary of hypnotherapy, argued that the occult qualities of mesmerism were illusory and that its effects were due to a combination of "nervous fatigue" and verbal suggestion. In the end, just make sure to do your research, and know that you can trust our therapists. Now, sleep, sleep, sleep…

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