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Handicapped doesn't mean you can't still mud-bog outside of Clairmont, AB limits. Our wheelchair services will put airplane tires on that rig of yours, making it amphibious. We'll even put a snorkel adaptor into a fake carburettor for you, just for looks.

Clairmont, AB Manual Wheelchairs

If you are getting on in years, and you find yourself needing some Clairmont, AB wheelchair services, then we can help. We can recommend a good wheelchair to fit your needs. Pretty soon, you’ll look like the gentlemen in “Murderball.”

Clairmont, AB Electric Wheelchairs

If you need Clairmont, AB wheelchair services, we can analyze your budget, insurance, and lifestyle and find the chair that’s perfect for you. Depending on your need, we may be able to customize your wheelchair by modifying a standard design, or even creating a unique work of art. Think “Professor Xavier.” We can even modify a wheelchair to have a stretched-out front, so that a child seat can be attached. We can make extra-long or extra-short chairs for tall or small users, reinforce chairs for heavy users and implement electronic devices for users with limited motor control or function.

Wheelchair technology is constantly improving and changing. Who knows? By the time we get you into a chair, it could be controlled by your mind!

Clairmont, AB Sport Wheelchairs

Just because you can’t use your legs doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in competitive sports. We can outfit you with a strong and fast wheelchair and show you the arena.

Wheelchair sports are growing in popularity. It’s a great time to get into the game. We can help fit and customize your sporting equipment to give you the advantage you need. We’ll help you sort out the difficult ethical questions of whether it is cheating if your sport wheelchair is better than your opponent’s, or if it is unfair that you have designed your chair to have a few more perks. Finally, we can also help you to find the best Clairmont, AB wheelchair services, including repair for those times when competition gets a little too crazy. We can’t wait to hear you say, “you should see the other guy’s chair!”

Clairmont, AB Wheelchair Accessories

We’re the best source for wheelchair ramps and lifts, as well as accessories, cushions, and accessible vehicles. Our service providers are well-versed in wheelchair repair and maintenance.
If your wheels are crooked or your brakes are worn, we can help. Maybe you just want to add some bling to your setup, such as some spinners or custom chrome wheels? Our wheelchair services in Clairmont, AB will help you accessorize your life as you see fit.

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