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Clairmont, AB Metal Product Manufacturers - Do you have large pieces of unprocessed iron lying around? Want to turn them into something? Our metal product manufacturers in Clairmont, AB can turn your hunk of iron into a drive shaft, or something.

Joking aside, our skilled ironworkers can take raw material, or recyclable metal and create useful products on our highly-specialized machinery.

Clairmont, AB Metal Product Manufacturers For The Masses

You’ve seen the movie “Iron Man?” We’re basically like that, except cooler. Seriously, though, we can manufacture just about anything in our foundry and with our extensive metalworking shop. Our Clairmont, AB metal product manufacturers can help you determine what kind of product you need, draw up plans, and make those plans into a real product. We are able to follow autoCAD drawings, regular blueprints, or just scribbles on the back of a napkin.

For example, last year we took some old rebar, melted it down, and reformed it into a reinforced kiln for a local pottery co-op. They were pleased with our ethical treatment of the environment. We specalize in local Clairmont, AB projects, and would love to hear from you. Another project focused on building custom door frames for one of those recycled train car homes. Our team built each piece by hand, transported them to the job site, and spot welded them to the house. They look great!

It doesn’t matter if your product idea is the size of a railroad tie or a mouse. We know metal, and we want to create your dream project. Contact our Clairmont, AB metal product manufacturers with your ideas, and we’ll brew up a pot of coffee and make your idea our main priority.

Just imagine how you’ll feel when your little metal widget is sitting in your hand – something you conceived and created. Contact our Clairmont, AB metal product manufacturers today.

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