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If you are in the mood for a nice dose of Valium, lasik and laser eye surgery is something to check out. Our Elmworth, AB office offers the sweet sensation of lasers reshaping your corneas at a price you'll be able to see better than ever after we're done.

Elmworth, AB Laser Eye Surgery

Elmworth, AB Lasik eye surgery is the new rage. It seems you can’t even walk down the street without passing someone who has gone under the laser. Lasik patients normally have a newfound respect for colors and images, as if reawakening to a world of vision.

You might spot them stopping in the middle of a crowd, focused on some minute detail in a cloud or reflection of light on a building. This “new life” can be dangerous, as in the case of a man who underwent the surgery and was so amazed by his ability to see colors and depths that he stopped in the middle of a busy intersection and was run into by a little old lady from Pasadena. He survived, and luckily, his eyes weren’t hurt, but had he undergone his exit counseling from his Lasik eye surgeon this never would have happened. But, you shouldn’t let any fear of the reawakening of naked vision stand in your way. Lasik eye surgery is the future.

Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism Correction in Elmworth, AB

Sing with me, “I can see clearly now, my astigmatism is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds of myopia that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright, bright, Lasik shiny day.”

Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more popular in Elmworth, AB. The actual procedure involves the eye surgeon taking a knife called a microkeratome to cut a small flap of corneal tissue, removing the targeted tissue beneath it with a laser, and finally replacing the flap of corneal tissue. Then, hey-presto, you can see!

As an added bonus, laser eye surgery in Elmworth, AB is actually painless and does not take very long to complete or heal. On the downside, Lasik surgery is not always the most affordable surgery, though the results are priceless. Contacting our doctors is an important first step because they may have information on financing options, as well as the possibility of insurance covering part of the cost.

The actual Lasik procedure begins a month before the surgery takes place. The first step is a consultation with a doctor so he or she can examine your corneas to determine thickness and surface contour, and thus determine the amount and locations of corneal tissue to be removed in the operation. Next comes a prescribed antibiotic you take beforehand to minimize the risk of infection after the surgery, and the determination of the time you must give your eyes before the surgery to be prepared. This is determined by whether you wear contacts, and the length of time you have worn the lenses determining the time you must give your eyes to readjust without contacts pre-surgery.

Once the day of surgery arrives, you will undergo three main procedures, flap creation, laser remodeling, and the repositioning of the flap. Postoperatively, patients are given more antibiotics as well as preservative free eye drops, are told to sleep more and wear either protective goggles or a darkened pair of shield to protect the eyes at night from light and from rubbing of the eyes. These postoperative directions are essential to recovery and to the eyes readjusting correctly. Our Elmworth, AB Lasik eye surgeons will make sure to inform you of everything you need to know for effective surgery.

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