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Elmworth, AB Wills, Trust, Estate Attorneys - Worried about where your stuff is going once you kick the bucket? Wills, trust, estate attorneys of Elmworth, AB can help. These legal professionals will help you draft both living and estate wills. Help your loved ones to know how you would like to live, should you be incapable of making the decision yourself, and then help them know how to divvy up your stuff.

Holographic Will Attorney in Elmworth, AB

There are two types of wills. The first is for if you almost die, but not quite. It is a Living Will. If you become comatose, or partially brain dead, some of your relatives might want to cut things short and let you die. Others might try holding on to a thin slice of hope, wanting to keep you alive. Hire a Elmworth, AB Wills, Trust and Estate Attorney, and make sure that your relatives know what you want.  Otherwise, it will become a heated national debate. And if you happen to be a Star Wars fan, or just want to add some pizazz to your will, you should look into a Elmworth, AB Holographic Will. These can simply be written on paper, or can be done in a holographic image that makes you look so much cooler, and more like a fallen Jedi warrior still alive somehow in “The Force.”

Nuncupative Will Attorney in Elmworth, AB

The other type of will is a Elmworth, AB Estate Will. This is the more common type of will, because it gives people a reason to celebrate your death. "Sure, Uncle Jon’s gone, but at least we get stuff." Writing a will is a fun way to screw people over one more time. It is too bad you have to be dead when it is read. Call a Elmworth, AB Wills, Trust and Estate Attorney and show your kids, for the last time, who you loved more. And for those too lazy, or too cool to write a will, a Nuncupative Will is an option that lets you orally declare your will, as possibly read by James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman for those with means. Just do not expect your successors to be happy when they see the fee charged for such a reading.

Testamentary Trust Attorney in Elmworth, AB

Elmworth, AB Wills, Trust and Estate Attorneys are a valuable asset to your legal team. These talented professionals are able to document your dying wishes and make sure that they are carried out. Elmworth, AB Testamentary Trust Attorneys will sometimes serve as the executor of your estate, or will refer an executor to perform an inventory of assets as well as locate and make record of everything you owned including investments. If you have antiques, artwork, collections or other valuables, they are responsible for obtaining appraisals on these items. As an executor they are also responsible for locating all heirs, near and far, providing notice of the death to institutions where you had accounts such as banks, and often times putting a legal notice in the newspaper notifying creditors that they need to make a claim. If serving as the estate executor, your Elmworth, AB Attorney is also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the estate, paying outstanding bills, managing any investments, making necessary repairs to keep the family house in good condition, and keeping necessary insurance in force as well as keeping heirs from walking off with the personal property until probate is completed. As the executor of your estate, they will also prepare and file the federal estate income tax return, which is due nine months after death, as well as file your last tax return, distribute remaining assets to heirs per will instructions, and sometimes they are even responsible for arranging for the care of minor children, or handling their money for several years.

Bequest and Legacy Attorney in Elmworth, AB

You can see that it is quite crucial that you choose a reputable and knowledgeable Elmworth, AB Wills, Trust and Estate Attorney so that your heirs don’t wind up killing each other over your will. I bequest this of you, I mean, request this of you, contact one of our Elmworth, AB Attorneys. Do it for the kids.

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