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When the fast pace of living in Mulhurst Bay, AB makes everything a blur, our opticians make the world a little bit clearer. Not only do we design and produce eyeglasses and other prosthetic devices for your eyes, we also know the difference between a cornea and a excellent perk for you!

Mulhurst Bay, AB Ocular Devices

If you need glasses, visit our opticians. Our opticians specialize in vision exams, eyeglass frame design, producing prescription eyeglasses, and even creating prosthetic ocular devices (“glass eyes”). If you need help with your vision, our Mulhurst Bay, AB opticians are able to diagnose, correct, and make your world clear. We can fix ocular conditions like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

If you find yourself in need of glasses, contact our opticians. We can help you get the right prescription, lenses, and frames. Our staff is very helpful, and we’ll make you look like a star. Don’t settle for dangerous, low-end chop-shop optical care – your eyes are the window to your soul

Mulhurst Bay, AB Glasses

You know, back in the day, glasses were “geeky” and “nerdy.” But now, hipsters like the singer in the band Weezer have made glasses indy-cool. If you need corrective glasses, our Mulhurst Bay, AB opticians can create some hip custom frames just for you. If you don’t need glasses, but want to be cool, we can put clear non-corrective lenses in the frames, or even leave the frames empty. You can thank us after you land that high-paying job because the hiring manager thought you looked intelligent.

Mulhurst Bay, AB Artificial Eyes

Our opticians in Mulhurst Bay, AB can also make artificial “glass” eyes for people born without eyes or that have been injured. We use high-strength polymers to make artificial eyes that are incredibly lifelike. Come on in for a consult. Chances are, we can help you feel more confident. Our prosthetic eyes have a natural look and feel.

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