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Simply put, granite rocks and tile countertops are the best! If you are looking for an upgrade in Rumsey, AB, check out our great selection.

Rumsey, AB Tile and Granite Counter Tops

The Stone Age is making a huge comeback... in your house! Yes, there's a big move in the construction industry to build tile and granite counter tops into every new home and condo. Why? Because they add a look of class, they come in a variety of colors, they last forever, and they're not overly expensive. Why not upgrade your old counter tops with our help? We know tile and granite in Rumsey, AB.

If you’re still wiping down those old Formica counter tops, it’s time to stop living in the past. Our Rumsey, AB tile and granite experts can set you up with a big fat slab of rock to chop your vegetables on. There's minor renovation required to install a granite or tile counter top, and you'll love the way it will look. First, our team will break down any existing old tile or sheetrock, so we can access the studs in the walls and the very top of the cabinets in your kitchen. Next, we drop a big old rock on your cabinet tops. Finally, we secure the granite and make sure it's level and firm. Hey, presto, you've got a granite counter top. Tile is a little more complicated, but it will have the same benefits.

There are many, many benefits to having tile and granite. First and foremost, of course, is the happiness that you’ll feel when it’s installed. Second, you’ll be able to taste the jealous tears of unfathomable sadness your guests will cry when they see your new Rumsey, AB tile and granite. Yes, it’s that good.

Depending on what kind of counter top you want installed, there will be various options to consider. Our experts will be able to help you design a custom solution and make your kitchen, dining room, or other room into a classy and relaxing environment.

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