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Tulliby Lake, AB Secret Shoppers – Because catching your employees not working is fun. Contact the Secret Shoppers of Tulliby Lake, AB, and really catch them in the act. Are you wondering if your employees are really working like they are supposed to? Contact one of our local Tulliby Lake, AB services for Secret Shopper, they can help.

When I used to work retail in the Tulliby Lake, AB mall, I was always afraid of the secret shoppers.  I always thought that every customer was actually working for my boss, in a grand attempt to get me fired for something like giving someone a Canadian penny in their change, or letting my glass of water sweat on the counter, or accidentally telling a customer something was 70% cotton, when it was actually 70.5% cotton.  This fear quickly went away when I finally was able to figure out who the Tulliby Lake, AB Secret Shoppers were.  They were always the ones with black masks on, hiding behind the cloth rack with a clip board.  I also realized I hated that Tulliby Lake, AB job, and started hoping I'd get fired.  And that happened when I started a war against the black masked capers, throwing ninja stars and pulling off all of their masks.  It turns out they were really just tourists who were hoping not to contract any foreign diseases.  What can you do?

Undercover Shoppers in Tulliby Lake, AB

If you own a business, you know more than anyone how important customer service and satisfaction is. Tulliby Lake, AB Secret Shoppers are dedicated to making sure that your store's quality is up to par. Tulliby Lake, AB Undercover Shoppers will shop your store incognito and assess several things. The shopper will look at store cleanliness, employee attentiveness, knowledge, and helpfulness. Tulliby Lake, AB Undercover Shoppers will also make notes about the overall feel of the store, store prices, and their experience. The shopper then takes this report to you, the client, and lets you know what’s going on in your store when you are not there. Secret shopping is a huge industry, and helps to save stores millions by improving upon lacking areas. Companies take this knowledge and reporting to help reward, motivate and train employees more effectively. Tulliby Lake, AB Undercover Shoppers report both positive and negative observations, ensuring that you get a well rounded view of the store.  

Mystery Shoppers in Tulliby Lake, AB

There are many industries that benefit from Secret Shopping, including restaurants, retailers, hotels, financial services and institutions, stores, shops, call centers, and many more. Tulliby Lake, AB Secret Shoppers are a powerful tool for these industries, helping you to understand what it’s like to interact with your company from the customer's perspective. Some Tulliby Lake, AB Mystery Shoppers are able to upload their findings directly to a web database, while others submit reports. Find out the type of filing offered by the Mystery Shopper prior to hiring, so that you can make sure that you get the one that fits you best. To find out more about Tulliby Lake, AB Mystery Shoppers, pick up the phone and call today.

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