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Flashlight cops are tough, especially in Wetaskiwin, AB. Protect your business with security guards and patrol services. They believe they are so dangerous that, at first, it's actually scary when you encounter one of them. Mall-cops have nothing on them! Believe me, thieves don't like the idea of being walkie-talkied to death.

Wetaskiwin, AB Securing And Protecting

So, you want to hire a Wetaskiwin, AB security guard. You suffer from something called an “inflated sense of self-worth.” Some doctors call it “delusions of grandeur.” If you actually think someone might try to mob you, attack you, kidnap you, or whatever, then go ahead, hire a security guard.

Perhaps you own a business. Do you frequently have juvenile delinquents hanging around your front door, scaring the elderly away? Hire a Wetaskiwin, AB patrol service to walk around and intimidate the kids with their nightstick and flashlight. They even wear badges (made of high-quality gold-painted plastic) that say “security.” To kids, that translates to “not someone who you should test.”

Wetaskiwin, AB security guards and patrol services are professionally trained experts prepared to handle your security needs. You can hire a uniformed security guard or plainclothes undercover security guard. You can even choose whether or not you want them to carry guns. Our uniformed men and women offer 24-hour security services, surveillance, and grounds coverage.

Wetaskiwin, AB security guards and patrol services are able to monitor your home or stand guard at your office, as well as provide escort services for you and your family. Our private security will typically travel with you to any location necessary, including overseas. Depending on the security service you choose, they may also aid you in locating and hiring other private staff including butlers, gardeners, cooks, and more. Security guards and patrol services can also provide a site survey and threat assessment prior to your arrival at a particular location or venue. Security guards and patrol services are dedicated to ensuring you and your family’s safety and well-being while staying professional and unobtrusive.

Wetaskiwin, AB Security Officers

Want to feel like a true celebrity? Do you feel high profile and need protection? Do you feel paranoid and need protection? It sounds like you need a local private security guard.

They have the suit, the mustache, the belt, the shinny shoes, the hat and the walkie talkie but what really is the purpose of a Wetaskiwin, AB security guard besides doing laps around the college campus in their brand, sparkling white Ford Ranger? One might say they could "arrest" you with their intense gaze or walkie talkie you to death but, when it comes down to it, most mall cop-type patrol service people do not really strike fear into the hearts of the public.

Not to say they don't have a purpose. I myself am thankful for the humor they bring to my day. And, yes, it is nice to have someone patrolling my apartment complex while I sleep. But, besides protecting the public at night, I really don't think Wetaskiwin, AB Patrol Guards have much use during the day. During the day, these glorified mall cops get so bored they end up being a nuisance. Who wants to be followed around campus when you are just trying to drive to your next class, or stared at in (what seems to be) an attempt to establish their security officer dominance over you? And don't even try to talk back to a patrol service professional. They will rip you down one side and up the other. You see, they are already on the defensive because of the job they were forced to take; don't go on the offensive with them. You may just find yourself being tickled with a walkie talkie antenna.

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