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Wetaskiwin, AB Bail Bonds - So you got locked up, what now? Contact Bail Bonds of Wetaskiwin, AB, we will put up the money to break you out. If you find yourself in a bit of a legal pickle and trapped in jail, you may need the help of our local Wetaskiwin, AB services.

Bail Bond Agents in Wetaskiwin, AB

Bail Bond Agents in Wetaskiwin, AB act as a surety or guarantee, and pledge money or property as bail for you to show up in court. Wetaskiwin, AB Bail Bond Agents work exclusively with criminal defendants, and most are able to secure your release in under a few hours. Our Wetaskiwin, AB Agents typically have a standing security agreement with local court officials. In the agreement, we agree to post an irrevocable “blanket” bond that will pay the court if you decide to not show up in court. Unlike a bank, these Bonds are able to draw on funds at late hours, and that way you don’t have to spend too much time waiting in the slammer.

Bail Bondsman in Wetaskiwin, AB

Depending on the Wetaskiwin, AB Bail Bonds you select, most charge a fee of 10 percent of the total amount of your bail. Most courts will accept a 10 percent cash premium if you are unable to afford the entire bail amount. If you’re in a huge heap of trouble and have a large bail, most Bail Bondsman in Wetaskiwin, AB will obtain a security against assets you own such as your home or property. If you fail to appear in court, your Wetaskiwin, AB Bondsman is allowed to bring you to court in order to recover the money, typically through the use of a bounty hunter. Should you continue to fail to appear, the Wetaskiwin, AB Agency over these bonds can sue you in order to collect any money forfeited to the court. Here’s the great thing about this whole situation. First, you get to commit a crime. I’ll be honest, sometimes that can be fun. Then, you only have to pay 10 percent of your bail. Now you’re a free man. You can now go live in a tropical paradise for the rest of your life, where the United States doesn’t have jurisdiction, and the Bail company you hired is stuck with the bill. What a wonderful world we live in. Although you may want to watch your back because they just might send Dog the Bounty Hunter after you.

Wetaskiwin, AB Bail Bonds are a valuable resource if you are in a jail jam. Not everyone can come up with large sums of money at the drop of a dime. Therefore, our Bonds services are here to the rescue. You could simply stop committing crimes, you know.

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