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Willingdon, AB is full of plate, bowl and pipe-makers who have perfected their craft. Instead of buying your next set of dishware at some old department store, let someone create it for you. We have plenty of talented individuals waiting to heat up a blob of glass and morph it into a bowl, plate, or vase that matches your exacting specifications.

Willingdon, AB Glass Art

Our glass makers and glass blowers are masters of their profession. Do you know how glass is made? We?re not exactly how sure either, but be sure that the professionals do. Basically, they take glass balls, stick them on a pipe, heat them up, then blow into the pipe and spin it until the glass is just the right shape. Well, there?s definitely some fine art in there too.

Glass making began around 3000 B.C. and the modern art of glass blowing was developed in the mid first century. Today, Willingdon, AB glass makers and glass blowers practice the same ancient techniques, but have more advanced heating and shaping equipment than their ancestors.

Willingdon, AB glass makers design pieces that are often very vibrant and colorful, and that come in many shapes and forms. Expert artisans boast a range of sizes, shapes, and functionalities. The most experienced glass artists can make blown glass vases and glasses, stained glass windows and ornaments, and decorative glass beads. Not all glasswork is delicate and small, either -- famous artists such as Dale Chihuly create large, captivating sculptures as well.

You should really seek out the services of a Willingdon, AB glass maker or blower instead of going with some cheap, ordinary bowls from a big chain store. There?s nothing better to impress your guests than to serve their entire meal on a set of custom made glassware.

When you are choosing a glass maker or blower, review their online portfolio and consult some of their previous clients on the quality of the work and their satisfaction with the artist. Our great glass makers and blowers in Willingdon, AB will make any type of piece you like to fit your tastes. Good glass blowing is a truly difficult skill and should only be left to the best.

Willingdon, AB Glass Pipes

Some of Willingdon, AB?s glass blowers they think of glass pipes. It is a faction of the art that has become tremendously popular, especially in the last 50 years or so. There are two major types of glassblowing that Willingdon, AB artists utilize. Free blowing is the most popular and gives much more creative license to the artist. This method allows for the creation of unique vases and artistic bowls that are characteristic of antique glassblowing. Mold blowing creates a stronger glass product but limits the artists? creativity because of the fixed shape of the mold the glass is poured into.

It is a commonly-known fact that Willingdon, AB glassblowers make more glass pipes in addition to their other products. They also are some of the best at their trade, creating some of the most artistic and stylistically unique products on the market. No matter your interests, we guarantee it?ll be worth your while to check out Willingdon, AB glassblowers. They are definitely among the most talented in the nation.

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