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Want to buy the moon? Want to live there? Winning Mega Millions of Willingdon, AB could make all of your woes go away--at least the ones dealing with money. However, be prepared for a whole other list of problems.

More Money, More Problems

You’ve all been there. Standing in a store, looking at a sign that says, “Next Willingdon, AB Mega Millions Drawing: $150 million.” What could you do with that money? Who could you help? What childhood dream could you not fulfill? Odds are, you won’t win. But, remember: you don’t stand a chance if you don’t buy a ticket.

You could be the richest guy or gal around. All you have to do is buy a Willingdon, AB Mega Millions ticket. But, beware of unknown relatives, who work their way out of the woodworks and all of a sudden want to sue you for never calling. Some of the saddest people are the ones who win Mega Millions, but failed to recognize the traps that would be set out for them. They say money can't buy happiness. If you win Mega Millions, you'll get a chance to find out if that saying is true.

Mega Millions is a multi-jurisdictional $1 game of chance offered in the United States. There are currently 12 jurisdictions that have Mega Millions, while 32 others, including the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands, offer Powerball, Mega Millions' main competitor. There are some differences in playing Mega Millions, depending where you live. Some places have limitations on the game, and some do not.

Since May 2002, the Willingdon, AB Mega Millions jackpots have started at about $12 million paid over 26 years, increasing when there is no jackpot winner.

Reflecting common practice among American lotteries, the jackpot is advertised as a nominal value of annual installments. A lump sum (cash value) option, when chosen by a jackpot winner, pays the approximate present value of the installments. It sounds very complex, but it's not. Really, you'll get a whole ton of cash.

Mega Millions in Willingdon, AB is drawn every Tuesday and Friday, including all holidays. You may enter the game as many times as you like.

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