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Giant bronze self-busts are very "in" right now. Looks no further; there are metal artists in Willingdon, AB who can immortalize you. Leave it to them to design and fabricate the perfect piece of art for your home, office, yard or bathroom for that matter.

Willingdon, AB Metalworking

Willingdon, AB metal artists create a variety of works that involve combining metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or larger structures. Artists have on hand a variety of metals including iron, pewter, copper, and steel. They are able to smelt metals for the purposes of both large scale art pieces like ships and bridges and precise engine parts and delicate jewelry. Metal artists work in a variety of fields including science, art, entertainment, and business.

Willingdon, AB metal artists specialize in creating a variety of metal works of art and pieces. Typical metal art includes anything from statues to custom gates to counter tops. Our artists use a variety of metals, including, but not limited to, iron, pewter, copper and steel. Skilled artists can be commissioned for small projects, such as custom jewelry or unique chess pieces, or for large projects, such as decorative steel gates, which could surround a giant statue of you. It's OK. Put Michelangelo's David to shame.

I used to have a roommate that worked with metal. He was wise, like the Buddha, and always had pithy things to say, like "welding is a good way to make creative artwork that will last for decades." Or maybe it was, "amateur welding is a good way to lose a finger." Either way, you're probably better off with our experts--unless you're in the Yakuza.

Our Willingdon, AB metal artists utilize a variety of tools and techniques such as torches and cutting tools. Professional metal cutting machinery such as the Torchmate is an industry favorite. Metal cutting software and the latest in metal art technology is what professional sculptors utilize.

Willingdon, AB metal artists can also help if you need something fabricated for your hot rod. Once, I commissioned some custom engine mounts for my Rambler. No one has Rambler parts anymore, but the guy was able to make me exactly what I needed. Best money I ever spent, except I blew that engine up. It was a tragedy.

Willingdon, AB Metal Art Gallery

I grew up a welder's son. My father would come home smelling like fire and burnt cotton every night. It wasn't until I was 16 that I saw my first Willingdon, AB Metal Artist. It was a truly awe-inspiring experience. I loved how they were able to even a crushed car at the junkyard that was over 50 years old and turn it into something beautiful again. My brother would make fun of my attempts to become a metal artist as a teenager but that didn't stop me from continuing to learn the art. It eventually let me to start Willingdon, AB Metal Creations, a gallery that sells only metal art. We have been in business for over 10 years and are slowly continuing to grow through the years. We display metal art from all over the world. From wrought iron, practical pieces such as metal wall hanging candleholders, furniture and just about any style of metal art you can imagine.

Come visit our Willingdon, AB metal art gallery to purchase a more unique piece of art that will stand out and compliment your style and taste. Not only is metal art beautiful but you will be surprised at just how fast your piece or metal will appreciate. It's a great investment and one that is sure to last, not just during your lifetime but also for many lifetimes to come.

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