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Turn the trashiest car on the block into the pride of Willingdon, AB. Auto restoration services in Willingdon, AB are here to make miracles happen.

Rebuilding Your Dream Car In Willingdon, AB

My car was in dire need of repairs, both in the engine and on the exterior. Not a big problem for a qualified restoration company. But I made the horrible mistake of trying to do all of the work myself. Countless weekends down the drain, and my engine now leaks oil faster than it ever has before. Please, realistically measure your abilities and don?t go beyond them. Better to leave that stuff to the experts.

Choosing a qualified and trustworthy restoration auto shop doesn?t have to be difficult. Our experts specialize in breathing new life into classic cars. Willingdon, AB auto restoration shops and services perform restoration services on cars from every decade ? all the way back to the Model T.. We'll work hard to maintain the original integrity of the vehicle while giving it a modern shine and edge along with all the safety bells and whistles necessary to make it legal on the streets today.

Our auto restoration experts will work on restoring the engine, interior, trim, ornaments, mirrors, lights, bumpers, fenders, windows, paint, and more - no detail is left unchecked. If you're a true classic car lover and enthusiast, bring your baby to the best. We understand that most people look at you like you're crazy for buying a 40-year-old car that doesn?t run -- but that you see a diamond in the rough. Our mechanics work here at the automotive restoration shop for that reason too. Their passion is bringing back cars? original beauty. Rest assured when you bring your car in that our mechanics also have a great will to see your car restored to its best. And as the saying goes, when there?s a will, there?s a way.
Even if your car was never a timeless classic, our mechanics will do their best to make your car run smoothly and look better than it ever did. We can usually accommodate most customization requests as well. After all, that?s part of restoring a car to glory, isn?t it?

Restoring Your Vehicle In Willingdon, AB

It's been a dream of mine moving to Willingdon, AB to restore some great cars to take me back to the old days. How many times I remember hearing my dad say, "OOOh, look at that '57 Chevy, I had one JUST like that when I was a kid!!"? And then, not two minutes later, he?d say, "OH MY GOSH! That's a 1955 Ford Convertible! My girlfriend in high school had one of those!". It never failed to amuse me. I often wonder why my dad didn't get into auto restoration when living in Willingdon, AB. There were so many of those old cars around growing up, I'm sure he could have picked one up at a fair price and restored it to its timeless classic beauty. I love the look of well restored ?70s and ?80s cars. It can get quite expensive to get them up to spec, but it is certainly worth the work.

I ended up taking on the daunting task of restoring a 1956 Chevy out of my garage. I meant for it to be a surprise for my dad's 50th birthday. After a whole week of staring at the car, not knowing where to start, I immediately turned to the local Willingdon, AB auto restoration experts. I got a list of basic supplies I?d need to restore the exterior to its red, glistening beauty and the interior to its leathery wonder. I bought paint stripper, a pressure washer, the highest quality paint I could find, leather upholstery cleaner, car wax, wheel cleaner and went to work. After getting the outside looking brand new, I took the car into Willingdon, AB auto restoration where I had the engine and transmission rebuilt. After they got done, that thing moved and my dad sure was happy.

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