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You lost some weight, and now your lucky jeans don't fit? Image is everything in Willingdon, AB, so alter and tailor your clothes to stay with the times.

Willingdon, AB Tailors And Alterations

We offer alterations and tailoring in Willingdon, AB. Ripped your favorite pair of pants and don't know how to fix them? Maybe you bought a great shirt, but the sleeves are just a little long. Drop them off at the shop, and we'll custom tailor them to meet your specifications.

It's time for a new look. Take it from the experts from the fashion TV show "What To Wear." The hosts often teach fashion disasters how to dress, frequently directing them to tailoring and alteration in Willingdon, AB. Store out of your size? Leave it to us.

Our Willingdon, AB tailoring and alteration shops specialize in garment and clothing repair, cus-tom hemming, tailoring, and embroidery. We can create a custom suit for special occa-sions or anything else you might need.

Tailoring and alteration pricing depends on experience and the type of service you are requesting. I once commissioned a local Willingdon, AB alteration shop because I had a wedding to attend and my bridesmaid dress was the recipient of some affection from little York-shire terrier. There was a huge hole and I didn?t know what to do. The wedding was in a few hours, but luckily I found a shop with a quick turn-around time. The alteration shop I found not only fixed the hole, they also steamed the dress and made it look like new. Now I recommend that alterations and tailor shop to everyone.

Getting Clothing Tailored In Willingdon, AB

Renewing you vows? Wedding dress not quite the same size as it used to be? How's that suit holding up the 30 pounds you put on? You could try to "suck it in" and walk around like you are that same person but, trust me, people will notice. Why not get your clothes tailored in Willingdon, AB? They can take your precise measurements and make the correct cuts, so that your suit will feel like it did the day you bought it. Our tailors can even alter and repair clothing that has fallen apart through the years. Don't throw away those Armani slacks just because the zipper broke. Be it buttons, snaps, zippers, seam-tears or even rips, our Tailoring and Alterations professionals will make it right.

Our tailors and alteration experts have the right tools to alter and repair your favorite clothing. We have tailor ham, wooden tailor ham holders, cuff rolls, tailor seam rolls, wooden padded sleeve boards, pressing mitts, pattern weights, wooden point pressers and clappers and pressing cloths.

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