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Solid waste landfills are the poor man's shopping center and a excellent resource for Willingdon, AB's most frugal consumers. Stop by one today and see if you can't find a shoe for that other foot.

Willingdon, AB Landfills

Got trash? Well, I will tell you where you can put it, at our Willingdon, AB solid waste landfill, of course. For me, the Willingdon, AB landfill is like a trip to Disneyland (especially if you visit after hours and before they can clean up), except it is free to get in and nothing costs anything! That place has saved my life on a number of occasions, like when I could not afford a Christmas or birthday present. I just popped down to the Willingdon, AB landfill, and took my pick. “From me, with love.” My wife could not have been happier with her Valentine's Day gift. Actually, I do not have a wife, but sometimes after I climb out of the old landfill, pockets full of goods and treasures, I feel so rich it is as if I have a thousand wives. Scratch that, apparently that is illegal and most states, well, not at the old landfill! So throw down your, uh, recycled hat and do a little dance with me. Yee-haw!

Willingdon, AB Waste Management

Landfills specialize in trash. If you have junk, trash, old appliances or things that are unable to be recycled, it is time you did a dump run. No, not the type where you get a t-shirt and a number and run in a long line of people through the landfill, though that would be quite interesting. Actually, our Willingdon, AB solid waste landfills will weigh your trash, and depending on the weight of your deposit, you are charged accordingly. Some landfills specialize in certain materials, such as strictly oil or cars, so it’s important to find out what exactly can be dropped off.

If you’re in the mood to sift through trash, some landfills will let you go through and take whatever you want. After all, the old saying goes “one man's trash is another man's treasure.” There also was a saying something like "play in trash and get a rash," but that one didn't seem to catch on as well. Who cares? It's plunder for the taking. So, go do some dumpster diving at your local Willingdon, AB solid waste landfills or waste management facility.

Willingdon, AB Dump

Solid Waste Landfills are meant for materials that are not biodegradable and cannot be recycled. So you can find just about everything in a landfill, but make sure to wear gloves, and boots, and coat your body in hand sanitizer because you never know what you are going to find. Contact a local Willingdon, AB Solid Waste Landfill today to find out how they can help. You may even be lucky enough to encounter a celebrity in your solid waste landfills, and I am not talking about the washed up and starving actor type. I am talking about Oscar the Grouch, or the director and actors from the movie Slumdog Millionaire -- that was based on some kids who lived in a slum not quite as upscale as your local dump. See the movie though if nothing else, you won't even have to slather sanitizer on to do so.

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