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Have you ever seen a bridge in Willingdon, AB and thought, "I should jump off that." Luckily for you, Bungee Jumping gives you that chance.

Bungee jumping is heart-pumping, adrenaline-rush-inducing excitement for you and your family. Ever wondered what it feels like to jump off a bridge or a cliff, or wanted to see what falling really feels like, but don’t want the messy splat at the end. You are in luck, bungee jumping is here to save the day!

Bungee Jumping Equipment in Willingdon, AB

Depending on the thrill factor you seek in Willingdon, AB, there are many ways to jump. Before you take a leap, here is a little bit of information on how to get strapped in. The most common form of Willingdon, AB bungee jumping equipment is the use of a body wrap, which attaches the cord to a body harness or leg harness. There is also the leg harness, which itself comes in a variety of styles, offering you the chance to jump with one leg attached or both.

Bungee Jumping Instruction in Willingdon, AB

Once you have decided on the type equipment you will be using for your big jump, you can decide on the type of bungee jumping form you would like to attempt. It is said that the most exhilarating form in Willingdon, AB is through a swallow dive, which means that you leap out like a bird. There is also the back dive, which means that you jump out backwards, but make sure to jump far so you don’t end up going feet first. There are many more common and less common forms of jumping, which include: rail jumping, top of cage bungee jumping, elevator drop bungee jumping, bat drop bungee jumping, pogo bungee jumping, thrown bungee jumping, water touchdown bungee jumping, cutaway bungee jumping, tandem bungee jumping, and sandbagging bungee jumping. Each is a great way to get a rush, and for a few moments feel like a bird. Willingdon, AB bungee jumping can get you there, and back up when you're through.

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