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Because you are too chicken to skydive. Check out Paragliding and see Zama City, AB from a completely different perspective . If you’re interested in a thrill but don’t feel like jumping out of a plane, then we can help.

Paragliding is a dangerous venture, because of the large amounts of birds-of-prey. They see you gliding over Zama City, AB and think, "hmmm... How much do I want to work for my dinner?" Then, they start dive bombing and going for your eyes. And there's nothing you can do. You're strapped to a chair 200 feet in the air. Your only options, really, are to jump or fight. Which ever option you choose, my guess is something's eating you for dinner.

Zama City, AB Paragliding allows you to touch the skies and soar through the air. Paragliding in Zama City, AB is a rapidly growing sport. Soar like an eagle with the help of our Paragliding experts. Now, if you don’t know what paragliding is, here is a crash course…no pun intended. A paraglider, which looks like a giant parachute, is a free-flying aircraft that is launched by foot. The pilot sits in the harness of the paraglider, suspended below the fabric wing (parachute). Even though a parachute and a paraglider look similar, there is a distinct difference. A paraglider is shaped long and oval, much like a wing, and through the pressure of air entering its vents in the front its shape is formed.

Tandem Paragliding in Zama City, AB

Much like sky diving, Zama City, AB Paragliding offers tandem paragliding for first timers. Tandem paragliding is a perfect way to start. You typically start with a ground lesson that introduces and teaches you the fundamentals of paraglider control, launching, and of course the most important lesson of all, landing. Depending on the Zama City, AB Training in Paragliding service you use, some may have a flight simulator in order to adjust your harness and prepare you for using the glider’s controls.

Paraglider Training in Zama City, AB

Now, if you are saying to yourself, "Self, I’m no newbie, I know how to paraglide." Maybe you should come off your high horse and learn a few more tricks. Some Zama City, AB Paragliding services have advanced training programs which reach far beyond the basics, and are often tailor made just for you. Zama City, AB Training in Paragliding is a great resource, and can make you look even cooler in the air.

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