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What's that smell? Ah yes, it’s called relaxation, a rare feeling in Rocky Ridge, OH, brought about by aromatherapy services. Let us guide you along the path towards natural healing and invigoration.

Rocky Ridge, OH Aromatherapy Massage

Our odor experts are dedicated to healing the body and mind through naturopathic means, while also protecting the body and mind from future harm. We believe that by the use of essential oils and various other aromatic compounds, they are able to affect your health, mood, and well-being. Our aromatherapists utilize essential oils and variety of healing techniques such as aromatherapy and services in Rocky Ridge, OH.

Rocky Ridge, OH Essential Oils

Essential aromatherapy oils are typically made up of plant oils, flowers, tree bark, fruit, and more. Our Rocky Ridge, OH aromatherapy and services can also prescribe essential oils and materials for you to take and utilize in your home environment, such as candles, bath oils, incense, lotions and more. Different scents and oils will have invigorating or calming effects. Some aromatherapy oils reduce stress, provide energy, or have compounds to help you sleep.

Visiting an aromatherapist is therapeutic and relaxing. One time, a coworker of mine had taken credit for a project I had completed and was the frontrunner for a promotion. I was fuming but unable to confront her. It seemed the cards were stacked against me.

Then one of my friends told me to relax and make an appointment with her Rocky Ridge, OH aromatherapy provider.

I showed up a little bit skeptical. She took me into a room where calming music was playing and scented candles were flickering. She asked me if I had anything in particular that was ailing me, and what I hoped to get out of my session. I spilled my guts and told her how I was stressed. She then began mixing oils and rubbing them on various pressure points, explaining to me that it would help to ease my stress and clear my mind. I began to loosen up and didn’t feel quite as tense, and by the end of the session I was calm and had a smile on my face.

I felt completely relieved and stress-free, as if nothing could bring me down. The next day I went into work and spoke to my boss. He was so impressed with my tenacity that he gave me the promotion on the spot. Now, I make a cool six-figure salary and I owe it all to Rocky Ridge, OH aromatherapy and services.

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