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1507 Green Street #2R
Philadelphia, PA 19130

(215) 978-9293
991 W School House Ln
Philadelphia, PA 19144

(206) 747-2802
Wedding Videographer
1916 Welsh Rd Store 4
Philadelphia, PA 19115

(215) 795-5633
901 N Penn Street, R2104
Philadelphia, PA 19123

(215) 821-8036
Do you want to die? Yes? Then don't hire a Philadelphia, PA professional photographer for you wedding. Your wife will choke you with that year-old wedding cake if she has to look at an ugly depiction of her beautiful wedding. Capture life-moments the way you see them and hire a pro.

Industrial & Commercial Photographers in Philadelphia, PA

If your place of business could do with some public exposure, contact a commercial or industrial photographer. Philadelphia, PA photographers specialize in the technical skills, creativity, and visual know-how crucial to throwing message in the best light. Commercial photographers produce images that appear on newspaper and magazine adverts, catalogs, books, business reports, and websites.

The importance of having quality photos of your business is not to be taken lightly, after all, it is Thomas Nast’s newspaper caricatures that historians credit with bringing down Boss Tweed and his ring of political miscreants at Tammany hall. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Philadelphia, PA Photography

Philadelphia, PA photographers specialize in various different types of photography. Popular Philadelphia, PA professional photographers' specialties include naturescape photography, wedding photography, avant-garde photography, fashion photography, product photography, entertainment photography, sports photography, architecture photography, fine art photography, food and beverage photography, nude photography, travel photography, transportation photography, children’s photography, conceptual photography, and more.

Our local photographers have all the necessary equipment including cameras, lighting, reflectors, tripods, and the skills to make you look beautiful (or at least the software to make you beautiful in post-production). Our professional photographers have a creative and visual eye for capturing moments in time and making them memorable. These talented shutter bugs produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. Good photographers are able to take an ordinary object and make it interesting.

Philadelphia, PA photographers are just what you need to capture a special moment in time to have for the rest of your life. If you're getting married, a good photographer is a must. Or, perhaps you need proof that your employees are actually working when you leave. Hire one of our photographers to sit in the bushes outside your office. They'll be able to catch them in the act of whatever they're doing (or not doing). When they say "I was there all day!” you can say "yes, but you slept for three hours."

Finding a good photographer can be the difference between looking back at your memories and letting them disappear into nothingness. Photographs will be a valuable resource when you're trying to remember events of a past holiday, or in case you can't remember which kid is yours.

Many professional photographers in Philadelphia, PA have had formal training. Being able to visualize what the complete picture will be is critical. When selecting a qualified photographer, make sure to read any reviews others may have written and explore photographers' portfolios. This is a way to directly access the type of work they do and learn how satisfied their clients have been.

Different Types Of Professional Photographers In Philadelphia, PA

Photography has gotten exponentially popular with the advancement of photo technology in even the last five years. Professional photography in Philadelphia, PA depicts this trend perfectly. There are many types of professional photographers out there but don't let the word "professional" be in their title make you think think they anything like this. I've seen professional photographers who get paid loads of money for producing absolute crap! You have to have a natural eye and if you don't, it becomes very evident very fast.

The only types of Philadelphia, PA photographers I have found are the fake professionals and the real professionals. How do you tell the difference? Well, first use you own natural talent to judge their work. Then bring your assessment to your friends and to other so called "professionals" and see if they agree with you. You will begin to see a trend. You see, with good quality cameras getting so affordable, everyone and their pet fish are starting their own professional photography studios. The "fakers" begin to get exposed the more you carry out the little experiment I mentioned to you. If you find that your assessment of the Philadelphia, PA professional photographers here is lining up with many other friends and professionals, you may just want to put your money to better use by purchasing your own camera and being a professional photographer yourself!

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