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6175 Harbison Ave, suite #250
Philadelphia, PA 19135

(215) 800-0164
Have you ever wanted to buy your own car at rock-bottom prices? Checking out auto auctions in Philadelphia, PA may just get you that ?92 Cadillac convertible of your dreams!

Philadelphia, PA Police Auctions

It feels good when you get a deal. If you consider yourself a bargain-hunter, make sure you don't miss a single one of our Philadelphia, PA auto auctions.

If you have a teenager that has been bugging you for a car, the auctions might be your only chance to shut them up. Philadelphia, PA auto auctions are a fantastic source for getting all sorts of used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs at a fraction of the retail and even used prices! It is important to prepare before you go to any auction. Make sure you go there knowing exactly what you want, and get there with a budget already in mind.

Many Philadelphia, PA automotive auctions will allow you to view the vehicles, start them, and inspect them prior to the beginning of the auction. Typically, cars are brought out individually, and the auctioneer will sell each car while it?s on display. Typically, there will be a minimum opening bid on the vehicles, depending on the quality, make, and model of the vehicle being presented, but don?t be turned away just because of this. Minimum bids are typically extremely low, often dropping to $50 for well used cars.

The quality of the auto auction you attend matters quite a bit. At the higher level of auto auctions, you may find one-of-a-kind classics, and bidding may reach six figures! These types of auctions are very rare, however. At many police and local auctions, the bids will barely break $200 or $300. At cheaper auctions you must practice caution. You could end up with a trashed car, or one that doesn't even run. Be careful what you bid on, and do everything you can to test the cars for yourself before the auction starts!

When investigating Philadelphia, PA auto auctions, look for those that will let you examine the vehicles or turn them on prior to the auction's start. This largely eliminates the chances of bidding top dollar for a lemon. Most auto auctions will generally have a resource catalog, pamphlet, or program that contains detailed information on the car, including mileage, service done, service required, and a vehicle accident record. If these documents are not provided, ask the auctioneer for it specifically; these pieces of information are vital when choosing a car. If you are participating in a local police or seizure auto auction they will often explain how it was acquired, and there is almost always a minimum bid on each auto. At public car auctions, bids will usually increase in increments of $50.

Some auto auctions in Philadelphia, PA are "dealer-only," and require a license to bid. If you aren't a professional, make sure an auction is "open to the public" before you go.

Last year, my brother went to a Philadelphia, PA auto auction and got a great deal. He picked up a lightly used SUV at a local car auction for about half the price I would have paid at a used-car dealership. It may not be the most efficient piece of human engineering, but it runs like a dream.

Philadelphia, PA Auto Auctioneers

Going to a local auto auctioneer is the best way to get a great running vehicle for the lowest price. It is a risk, but what rewards come without it? More often than not, you will receive the vehicle "as is" without a warranty or guarantee of any kind. This is why you should consult with Philadelphia, PA auto auctioneers privately before just going into an auction blind. There are some pretty tricky sellers out there. I've seen auctions that are totals scams, where the seller actually participates in the bidding just to jack up the bid, and then pull out when they are satisfied with the price they will get for it. We?ll help you become a pro and sniff out those scams.

At Philadelphia, PA auto auctioneers, we?ll research your specific auction and alert you to any suspicious activity we uncover. Bid with confidence!

It's already a risk to decide to buy at an auction, don't make it riskier than it needs to be. Our auto auctioneers will represent you and only you. We charge but a small flat rate for our services but you are buying peace of mind and you won?t get a lemon ? something that could cost you a lot more.

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