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If you are ready for an adventure in Philadelphia, PA, explore our venture capital firms for an experience you will never forget. Maybe you'll learn about financial capital provided to early-stage, high-potential, growth startup companies while you are at it.

Philadelphia, PA Starter Business Capital

We’re not just a venture “city” firm, we’re the best venture “capital” firm in Philadelphia, PA. That means we have a big building and a governor, and maybe even Tom Cruise!

“Firm” means strong, steadfast, and resolute. If you have “capital,” it means you have wealth that is capable of producing more wealth. A “venture” typically involves a financial startup, early-stage or a “turn around” business.

If you put them all together, you get a baby business that produces wealth like an ATM machine gone wild. (Idea + start-up money + ??? = profit!)

If you’ve got a new idea for a service or product, our Philadelphia, PA venture capital firms will load your pockets with money. We’ll give you a few years of cash so you can get your idea off the ground.

Philadelphia, PA Institutional Investors

Venture capital is a financing tool used by large institutional investors to invest in smaller companies, which hopefully will provide them with above-average returns.

An institutional investor is generally a limited partner, while the manager or the management company is the general partner. Our venture capital investors provide money and assistance in exchange for an ownership interest in the business. Since venture capital generally has higher risk, investors require a high rate of return – as much as 35 – 40 percent – to compensate for the risk.

We are looking for companies that will use our capital efficiently to create real value. If your business meets our selective criteria, we’ll give you seed money so your business can produce a rate of return as quickly as possible.

So whether you live in the state capital, or you need some capital, our Philadelphia, PA venture capital firms have the investments you need.

If you want our capital, you have to be an original thinker. Case in point: our city wants to become the capital, but we’re not quite sure how to accomplish the task. Do you pay off some city workers? Convince “Dirty Jobs” to move the building at midnight (Mike Rowe, as awesome as he is, is quite an airhead sometimes)? Have that company from “The Game” mysteriously convince you that your city actually is the capital and you’ve been wrong all along? Hit your head really hard so it doesn’t even matter?

All of these ideas have merit, but only the best idea out there will catch our attention. There’s no limit to what our Philadelphia, PA venture capital firms can do for you.

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