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Home>Expert Answers>Business & Professional Services>Advertising Agencies & Consultants>How much does it cost to buy HP ArcSight user list?

How much does it cost to buy HP ArcSight user list?
What is the cost of HP Arcsight customers list in USA ?
11 Months Ago by AlanSmithAS|Los Angeles, CA|Advertising Agencies & Consultants

1 answer

Usually it depends on type of requirement you are looking for when it comes to cost and also there are many entities that are involved in buying the user lists Like for example, data on decision makers,CEO and CFO from large companies may be a little on the higher side when compared with data on small companies.

It also depends upon if you want data on email lists it may cost you less when compared with email lists and mailing addresses it is likely to cost you more. Then again you should check out two or three other database providing vendors for their pricing as well. However, it is not necessary that the ones who cost more will be good and user list which cost less will be bad. It can be the other way also. Nevertheless, it is for you to make the right choice.

Moreover, it also depends upon which country you are targeting. Like, if you are looking for email lists from US or European countries it may cost you more than the lists from Asian countries. An advantage with Technology User Lists is if you decide to purchase a HP ArcSight User List from them you can get your list customized depending upon your business requirement and budget of course. The user list I purchased for my business needs had got it customized and so can you.

Hence based on these particular requirement the cost will be allotted and the price changes and also the counts and samples you ask for also matters in this scenario. So think and make the right decision. All the very best.

For more information ,
email them at:

Call for a detailed discussion (800) 324-6412
11 Months Ago by NapoleonDeveny|Sign in to respond
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