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When should I hire a professional tax preparer of Southbourne Tax Group?
I am having doubts if I should hire a tax pro or not. I searched online and found Southbourne. Help me decide guys.
24 Days Ago by Christine Sullins|Addison, TX|Tax Preparation

2 answers
If you don't own a business and you have an uncomplicated financial life then you can definitely do your own return. Just make yourself well-informed and updated on major changes in tax law.

As for me, I used to do my own taxes a year ago. But I got busy and my finances significantly changes when I got married and hired in New York so I decided to hire a tax pro. There's no shame in hiring someone to help you out and I don’t regret working with Southbourne Tax Group. They really help me out with my income tax return preparation.
10 Days Ago by Raegar Lawter|Sign in to respond
I am not familiar with that company. I don’t like working with a tax pro so I do my own taxes. I really don’t trust them with my sensitive financial information. I study accounting so it really became a bit easy to prepare my itemized return every year. But if you want to get lazy and hire someone to do your taxes then try asking your friends and business colleagues for recommendations. This is a good starting point, try this one first before searching online.
4 Days Ago by Andrei Hredheimer|Sign in to respond
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