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Got All Auto Parts

100 S. River rd Bay City Mi
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 891-9212
Based on 63 reviews.

General Information
Our entire team at is committed to our mission of growing the used auto parts industry through innovation, technology and sharing success while giving everyone access to the many values of Guaranteed Used Auto Parts.
We believe that when an engine or transmission for almost any vehicle fails, we can help save the vehicle owner money on these costly vehicle repairs.
    Based on 63 reviews.
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These people are awesome !! They have been super helpful and very willing to help me out with my 2003 park avenue. I have been strapped trying to nickel and dime my way through it! Also they have helped my family rebuild their escape. I appreciate everything they have done for me and my family !!
3 Months Ago by ShannynPelletier|Report Abuse
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Received today. Works perfectly! Thank you so much for a great deal and prompt shipment! If I need anything else or a buddy needs parts, we won't hesitate to check with you again.
Very Satisfied customer!
8 Months Ago by duncanniels|Report Abuse
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Jeff, thanks for your help with this and a big thanks to Kevin and Ray as we worked through getting the correct parts, the transmission seems to be working great now.

Sincerely Dan Abeyta
9 Months Ago by danabeyta|Report Abuse
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I just wanted to let you know the trans has been in over a week and works good. I put a performance heavy duty Hayden trans cooler on the truck, and bypassed the stock cooler. TV cable is adjusted, and shift points are on the higher side of where they are supposed to be, so the line pressure should be good and high. Took the truck to Holland and back yesterday, worked great. I just want to thank you and your team for helping get me back up and running. I appreciate all you went thru to get it done.
10 Months Ago by KevinWing|Report Abuse
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As planned, I drove from my house last Sunday to Eureka CA towing a car trailer for the purpose of loading my wife's Explorer on to the trailer and then trailering it home for A Transmissions in New Castle CA to see if they could figure out what was wrong. When I picked-up my wife's rig, I was told by Antich Automotive that they really don't work on transmissions and they get their transmissions from Jasper and if there is a problem, they just put another one in and call it good.

I put my wife's rig on the trailer and hauled it home last Sunday as planned. I took it to Munroe Transmission as planned and left it with them. Early this afternoon, I received a call from A Transmission and was told the following;

The transmission was throwing a bunch of codes, the shift linkage (vehicle to transmission) needed adjustment, and the transmission was 2.5 qts low on fluid. A Transmission cleaned all the electrical connections, adjusted the linkage, added 2.5 qts of fluid and made sure everything else was hooked-up correctly.

Guess what happened after all that, the transmission worked perfectly, the codes went away, and my wife told me that her vehicle drives better than it ever has! If she is happy, I am happy. I was charged an additional $206.00 for the work done at A Transmission. Obviously, this is not any fault of Powertrain Pros. Your transmission is working as you said it was, and I learned a valuable lesson, transmissions need to be done at a TRANSMISSION SHOP! Munroe Transmission agreed that it was propper to trailer the vehicle to their shop....

Thank You Kevin for putting up with me. In the future, I would recommend your products, and will give good advice to those in need in regard to where to have the work done.

Respectfully, Dale Hutchins
11 Months Ago by DaleHutchins22|Report Abuse
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Kevin just want to thank you for all you did for us when you didn’t have to, it was all are fault for mss telling you the right transmission. You guys really took over and happy to say everything is running great. Took him awhile to get it in but finally got the old GMC on the road . THANK YOU SO MUCH REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOU DID YOUR NUMBER ONE?? If the ears are ringing because we’re telling everyone how great you all were to us. GOD BLESS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. DIANNA AND DENNY
11 Months Ago by dennywills|Report Abuse
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Hey this is mike.. 4l80E Rebuilt Trans.. They did the best job ever.. Extremely Friendly. They all are supportive. they work together to solve the issue .. i wouldnt go anywhere else! My 1 stop shop for rebuilt transmissions
11 Months Ago by MikeGunters|Report Abuse
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WOW!! Incredible!! Thanks a BUNCH!! The place that sent me the incorrect tranny, once it shipped took 8 days to get here! Then it took 8 days to return it! Then they had to reimburse the other one so they could reimburse me so I could buy the correct tranny from YOU!! You guys are a lot faster+just plain better than Rock Auto!!! And the transmission will most likely be better quality too! And I will sing your praises to everyone that asks me about my truck, which has been a lot of people lately! Because it all started (Feb. 2015, $2,200.00) with Bristol's best transmission shop rebuilding it 8 times (7 times on warranty)+it blowing up a 9th time. I'm glad I made the right choice to go with you.. Thanks for your help Pat!!
D. Lynch Jr
12 Months Ago by davidlynchjr|Report Abuse
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Thank you so much for your help with making this happen. If you ever get out to Northern CA, look me up!
13 Months Ago by DaleHutchins|Report Abuse
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Hey Kevin, this camaro transmission works great. Just wanted to thank you all. I will be ordering more from you guys. Thanks
14 Months Ago by rickydupree|Report Abuse
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Good Morning Amber,Wow that was fast I wasn’t expecting it till next week I’m glad you guys were able to find and replace the issue and I’m definitely amazed and appreciative that you guys covered the cost of shipping thanks for that. I will definitely be talking about the company and telling my other mechanic people to buy from you. THANKS A LOT again.
15 Months Ago by jeff72ruiz|Report Abuse
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Hi Jeff,

This is Bill. Thank you for honoring the warranty on my transmission for my 06 Impala.

A friend of mine will be bringing you a transmission for his impala sometime within the next two weeks.

Thank you for all the help. Happy to say: you have a customer for life.

My dad is working on a weekend Tiger game for you guy's.

18 Months Ago by BillCastillo|Report Abuse
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You all have been great!! If I had a computer at home I would leave all kinds of reviews! But I did give your number to all my local shop mechanics! I've highly recommended your services. Thanks for everything!
20 Months Ago by JoeMinski|Report Abuse
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I just want to say that I've had the best experience with your shop I would highly recommend it to anybody I know that might need a transmission you don't know what you get when you order stuff over line but I felt like I got a new transmission inside versus having some shop around my town rebuild the transmission and heaven knows they probably just fixed the problem I don't think they would remanufactured like you guys do with all new parts on the inside
and they charge $2,200 installed I'm very satisfied I feel like I got what I paid for and then some thank you very much have a great day
20 Months Ago by richardmoore22|Report Abuse
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I like this auto parts store. Every time I go there the people behind the counter and in the aisles are helpful and friendly and make the project sound doable. Now I don't have to worry about the pulling me over for no break lights and I can communicate to my fellow drivers that I am slowing/stopping. Thanks Got All Auto Parts! You are my auto party friend!
21 Months Ago by christiangallaway|Report Abuse
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21 Months Ago by MarkGund|Report Abuse
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Got All Auto saved the day today, needed a part in a bad way and Kevin was very helpful, he knew just what I needed right away, I just would like to recommend there service, They have a lot of parts for all kinds of makes and models at an reasonable price !!!!!!!!
22 Months Ago by ChristopherGage|Report Abuse
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Shipping right on time w est delivery time. Satisfied other than high shipping
22 Months Ago by KianderAlex|Report Abuse
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Awesome customer service. Had the part i needed and at a great price. Highly recommend this place. Thanks guys.
23 Months Ago by KennethHammer|Report Abuse
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Got All Auto Parts has built and shipped over 800 transmissions for my customers, over the past 2 years, all over the world. I've seen many changes and improvements with Jeff and the whole staff there. The quality of the workmanship continues to improve, as well as their customer service. I will continue to use Got All Auto Parts for all my customers needs in the future.
23 Months Ago by PatGreen|Report Abuse
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Found just what I needed at an affordable price. Friendly, speedy service without the damn shenanigans! Highly recommend this place for your auto parts needs, plus I got discounted for being a Veteran.
23 Months Ago by Tannon Bell|Report Abuse
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I got a motor and a few other parts from them. Great people and motor was in excellent condition and at a well below actual value cost. They even waived the core return charge until i could get the junk motor back.
23 Months Ago by Brandon Dound|Report Abuse
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Outstanding service. Great product which fit perfectly. After service followup was excellent! Highly recommend and I'll definitely use again. Rare to find such excellence. Nice!
34 Months Ago by AndyTremmel|Report Abuse
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The parts that I ordered from Got All Auto Parts were easy to locate on their website, extremely affordable, and the delivery time frame was amazing. After receiving my order, I was able to confirm both the accuracy of the order as well as the quality of the product. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone looking for parts for any car.
34 Months Ago by adreasbent|Report Abuse
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Good quality parts, great price and fast shipping. What else can I say. Those are the 3 things I look for when doing business. This not my first time ordering from these guys, nor will it be the last. every time they have shipped the correct parts on time. Every time I need auto parts I find they have the best price.
34 Months Ago by henriklee|Report Abuse
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Awsome selection and amazingly easy to find the parts for you vehicle. Free shipping at some parts and great pricing. A+++ All the way around!
36 Months Ago by frankdepay|Report Abuse
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This is my second time I have ordered from this web-site and it went very easy and fast. The first time I ordered a Catalytic convertor it came in a timely fashion and good condition. Price was half the cost of my local auto parts stores. This second order was also delivered in a timely manner. Product's in perfect condition. I would recommend this to anyone who can wait a few days and like to save money!!
36 Months Ago by chrisohara|Report Abuse
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I sometimes spend hours shopping around for the best price, and always find it at this store. They always have the parts I need None of my local auto stores has the inventory network that these guys do. I recently purchased a control arm for a Saab, my local service could NOT get this part, the dealer wanted 2.5x the price.
36 Months Ago by fredbreveld|Report Abuse
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Received part in timely manner as stated, satisfied with the quality, fit well, is installed and working well. Thank you Mr Jeff!
36 Months Ago by lloyd.adam|Report Abuse
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Hello Jeff or Kevin. my name is Chuck and I have got a few trannys from you, which I have been happy with. I have my best friend from the military in need of a tranny now, and I told him about you. he has a 2002 mercury mountaineer with a V-8 two wheel drive only, (it is his 16 year old daughter's vehicle). can I please have a price on his behalf as to the tranny cost please?
37 Months Ago by trentchuck84|Report Abuse
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Transmission seems to be running great and thanks for the 4 year warranty. However I hope to never have to use it :)
37 Months Ago by billcrowd88|Report Abuse
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Thanks for the response Jeff. My tranny isn't failing yet ...just slipping a little every now and again. You guys have a really good reputation and when it's time
37 Months Ago by mikehammel|Report Abuse
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Came up Friday to get an emergency brake pedal for my S-10 pickup. You gave me the wrong part. I came back up Saturday and you hooked me right up. Then explained that there were 2 types that was why I got the wrong part. I'll make sure to bring the old part next time to make your job easier. Outstanding job!!!! I live in Mount Morris, MI. but I'll drive the 25 miles to do business with you all!! Great service keep up the good work!
37 Months Ago by gregeddy|Report Abuse
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My experience could not have been better. I received exactly what I ordered and in the timeframe promised. Great job Got All Auto Parts!
42 Months Ago by fredjackson45|Report Abuse
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Customer service was excellent. The delivery was even faster than the estimated time quoted. The part fit up and installed flawlessly. I trust Got All Auto Parts!!
44 Months Ago by andygreppels|Report Abuse
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This is not the first time ordering from your company. Well done job. Thanks for your business also. I have friends that order from you all.
46 Months Ago by darrenwheathe|Report Abuse
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My part was easy to find and there was a very good selection to choose from. Delivery was fast and the part is in and doing it's job. Thanks.
47 Months Ago by barryfoster|Report Abuse
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Quick-Fast & Easy!
Lightning fast shipment !
Prices comparable or better than other sites.
No problems anywhere along the transaction.
47 Months Ago by willherrend|Report Abuse
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I found my WHOLE experience with Got All Auto Parts to be exactly what I was looking for, i.e. Low Prices, Good Service, Fast Delivery, Just the part we needed! I would highly recommend.
47 Months Ago by chrisleedom|Report Abuse
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The representative I talked to was very polite and helpful. We received the parts exactly on the day he promised the delivery. No complaint. Good job!
48 Months Ago by robertcurrles|Report Abuse
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Dear Jeff, thank you foe being a reliable and trustworthy business partner. We look forward to growing with you in the year to come.
48 Months Ago by stanmarkuze|Report Abuse
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Great experience! Was my first time using Got All Auto Parts and using the chat featured ensured everything was done correctly.
48 Months Ago by hectorlemns|Report Abuse
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Everything was the best and it was new part. I was told it would be a dealer only part and they didn't have it. I think Santa sent me an early gift this year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
48 Months Ago by JohnFerrers|Report Abuse
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I am very happy about the quick service, excellent quality of the parts I ordered, and the price. I will definitely order more parts from you !
48 Months Ago by alexfoster|Report Abuse
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The part that I bought, was exactly what I needed. It came quickly and fit perfectly. I would recommend this site to all my friends and family..... Great job Guys!!!!! Ps...Great prices too
48 Months Ago by leeandrews|Report Abuse
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Dear Mr. Madison, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the prompt, professional, courteous service you gave us when you towed my son's car. Your rates were the best I found. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.
56 Months Ago by gregormonder|Report Abuse
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I wish to tell everyone buying auto part to try you first. I bought auto parts from you before and you have the best fulfillment and customer service. You shipping is very quick. Thank you.
56 Months Ago by tedgunters|Report Abuse
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I just got a online quote. But everything concerning getting a quote online was easy and quick..other sites I visited were extremely hard to navigate.I found a transmission and transfer case for $450...matter of fact, it’s installed and back on the road. Thanks for your help…you will come recommended!!
57 Months Ago by brucelamder|Report Abuse
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I've been using Got All Auto Parts for years and have never had a problem. We send a lot of heads in for repair and have always been treated fairly. The guys know what they are talking about when it comes to cars. I will continue to use them.
57 Months Ago by briandegens|Report Abuse
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I just want to say you guys are great. Purchased brake pads for my wifes x5 and later needed the sensor, both were a terrific price, great quality and superfast shipping.
57 Months Ago by dunnchristopher|Report Abuse
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You folks are awesome! We own 2 Volvos and have moved north and a great distance from a Volvo dealership. Yesterday I found an ordered from you 2 rear wipers, they arrived at 3PM today and are already installed! Many many thanks for your prompt processing of this order. I have just discovered that wiper arm on one car needs to be replace also. I will find it on your site and order right now.
57 Months Ago by WillRickson|Report Abuse
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Outstanding service. Great product which fit perfectly. After service follow up was excellent! Highly recommend and I'll definitely use again. Rare to find such excellence.
57 Months Ago by markbonneti|Report Abuse
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I would like to extend my compliments to Jeff Madison at Got All Auto Parts. Thanks to him, I saved money and valuable time - not to mention the vehicle was not safe to drive. I actually called Got All Auto Parts a few times, and the technician was very informative and patient; all while helping store customers at the same time! GOOD LUCK JEFF, and THANKS AGAIN. A very satisfied customer!
57 Months Ago by joshhansen|Report Abuse
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Hey Jeff

I just want to say this transmission shifts flipping beautiful.. I just want to say thank you! I talked with my friend that owns a dealership, he will be using you as well for all his transmission rebuilds.
57 Months Ago by EdwardClarkston|Report Abuse
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His name is Jeff Madison and he deserves to be awarded for his customer service. He came out to my car to see exactly what lights I needed and really surprised me when he came back out and put them in for me. I have never had anyone help me before, they usually just sell me what I ask for(whether it is correct or not) and that is it. Jeff is truly a valued person and I made sure I got his name before I left, because I was really impressed.
57 Months Ago by CraigHennds|Report Abuse
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Store Manager, Jeff Madison is fantastic. He has made his store my first choice any time I need auto parts or accessories. I observed his customer service with me and other customers, and he is outstanding. He is an employee to be proud of.
58 Months Ago by freddawsonn|Report Abuse
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Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was doing business with you Jeff. I will be buying many more parts and telling all my friends what a outstanding job you did filling my order via phone. In this time of customer service being paramount for business your people at Got All Auto Parts...Keep up the great job.
58 Months Ago by dylangreg|Report Abuse
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Wow thanks for the transmission Jeff. Impressed with the quality and how good this transmission works for the price. I thank you agian, and will refer everyone that needs a transmission to you.
58 Months Ago by edpoole|Report Abuse
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Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the excellent service on my recent order. Got All Auto Parts was the last place I tried to get parts for my truck. From now on it will be the first. I placed my order before I left for lunch. When I returned from lunch, I got an email from you that the order has been shipped. Wow!!! Usually, the credit card processing takes a couple of days. Not to mention that any of my local dealerships could not get me the part I have ordered.
58 Months Ago by jonatanrems|Report Abuse
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Just want to say Thanks. I was searching for a part on the Internet and I found your web and it was easy to use and you had the part and it was at a better price than some of the other sites I checked out. I received it and installed it and it works great, Thanks again Got All Auto Parts and if I need other parts I know where to go now.
58 Months Ago by ParrensStuart|Report Abuse
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I, like so many others, was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the parts and the fast order processing and shipping of my order. The parts I needed for a repair on a Grand Cherokee were special order from the factory and priced significantly higher. They were packed well and delivered in 2 days (as promised). You guys ROCK when it comes to auto parts and I will recommend you to all my friends and business associates.
58 Months Ago by DennisMil|Report Abuse
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I’ve been working with Got All Auto Parts for 13 years, at least. They always go out of their way to find the right parts. And they always make good on a sale. They stand behind what they do 100%. They go out of their way to ensure you get the right parts. If they don’t have it, they will do everything possible to get it to you. I fully recommend them.
58 Months Ago by colemanzak|Report Abuse
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Ordered on Friday, my order was received Tuesday-with regular shipping! Great service by both Got All Auto Parts and FedEx. Their tracking and your link to them made it easy and fun. I have bookmarked your site. Some of your prices- for v-belts, etc.,- are so good I may just do more preventive care to my vehicles.
58 Months Ago by rileyquinn|Report Abuse
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