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Idea Buyer LLC

1491 Polaris Parkway #123
Columbus, OH 43240
(832) 683-1527
The largest marketplace of patents for sale
Based on 32 reviews.

General Information
The largest marketplace of patents for sale. Buy patents, sell patents, and license patents. Over 1,000 patents for sale. Over 3,000 patent buyers and investors.
Products & Services
Buy patents, sell patents, and license patents.
    Based on 32 reviews.
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We determined that one of my inventions would probably go over better than the other and he got everything started. So far, it has been a very good experience with Idea Buyer LLC.
25 Days Ago by margo henson|Report Abuse
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Everyone at Idea Buyer has been very helpful, kind, and professional. I've had an excellent experience from them.
1 Month Ago by eloisa orear|Report Abuse
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2 Months Ago by hortencia malizia|Report Abuse
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They're very professional and they don't call and bug me. Now, we're waiting for someone to pick us up and get everything started for us.
3 Months Ago by sharonda yawn|Report Abuse
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They always explained everything, so there were no surprises. When I called, there was always someone on the phone to answer my questions.
4 Months Ago by billie clouser|Report Abuse
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Idea Buyer is a very good organization. They're very professional at what they do. I call their reps up every so often and they tell me what's going on.
6 Months Ago by augustine schechter|Report Abuse
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Idea Buyer's representatives were very kind and knowledgeable. I had a lot of questions for them that they very well answered.
7 Months Ago by phyliss jasinski|Report Abuse
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This is a learning process for me, but the overall service has been exceptional.
8 Months Ago by chandra dubose|Report Abuse
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I'm still in the waiting process right now on it. But everybody's been real courteous and helpful for me.
9 Months Ago by tomas breckenridge|Report Abuse
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The Idea Buyer reps helped me understand how they will be able to work with me and help me through for my idea and invention. The service is wonderful.
10 Months Ago by ana hibbler|Report Abuse
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They've been very supportive. The service from Idea Buyer has been great and I've no complaints at all.
11 Months Ago by angeline crafts|Report Abuse
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After speaking with Idea Buyer team, I am pleased with their explanation and solution. I therefore rate this company as a 5 star and it is safe to use.
13 Months Ago by theresa lafollette|Report Abuse
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Yes I would recommend to a friend; they have been helping me with all my questions and very appreciated.
14 Months Ago by socorro milligan|Report Abuse
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I had a really good invention idea but didn't have a clue where to get started. Idea Buyer LLC made it easy to find companies that would help with my idea and patents. I would never have made it this far without this service.
15 Months Ago by inga stanley|Report Abuse
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Take the time to create your listing properly and the good results will follow; Idea Buyer has helped me to get some ideas of mine to start making money for me. I never had a bad experience with them and i would highly recommend them!
16 Months Ago by albina rotter|Report Abuse
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So far I am very pleased with the attention and help I've received from Idea Buyer. Very professional and helpful.
17 Months Ago by hadley nagel|Report Abuse
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I had a very good experience with Idea Buyer. They have been trying to get my product out there and all of them have been great and very helpful.
18 Months Ago by reesepoon|Report Abuse
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I was feeling overwhelmed, but am so glad I ended up using Idea Buyer to get my idea out there!
19 Months Ago by austink|Report Abuse
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Service is great! Idea Buyer LLC representatives have always been helpful and friendly.
26 Months Ago by caseyah|Report Abuse
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So far, it's been going pretty good, and I hope that somebody picks up on it. I'm very happy and satisfied with the management.
26 Months Ago by mkolar|Report Abuse
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I used the Idea Buyer service and now have four companies interested in working with me and my invention
28 Months Ago by jleiker|Report Abuse
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One of the best decisions of my life was listing my patent on idea buyer; Idea Buyer team has changed our lives. Thank you very much!
30 Months Ago by tylerallis|Report Abuse
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So far the Idea Buyer experience has been a very rewarding experience.
30 Months Ago by wynn papa|Report Abuse
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The results are incredible; The Idea Buyer team has helped us grow our business from a small product line... We meet many investors that were eager to jump on our product. My wife and I love Idea Buyer and we really appreciated the chance they gave us.
31 Months Ago by wynecw|Report Abuse
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Thank you for what you are doing for me. The experience has been life changing already.
31 Months Ago by jrouleau|Report Abuse
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Thank you for the opportunity to sell my idea. Hoping we can get this off and running. I believe it can help a lot of people.
33 Months Ago by charden|Report Abuse
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The Idea Buyer has been very helpful tool to grow our sales by getting us into more retailers; the resources are great, the marketplace is great. All I can say is THANK YOU!
33 Months Ago by acarlos|Report Abuse
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I am excited about my idea and am looking forward to working with your company. Thank you!
33 Months Ago by kellybradfield|Report Abuse
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I never expected that Idea Buyer would open so many doors for me... Thank you!!!
34 Months Ago by tdarden|Report Abuse
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They've been most helpful in helping me to gain what I needed with my invention. The way that they've outlined everything for me has been wonderful.
34 Months Ago by rnygaard|Report Abuse
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Idea Buyer team is very professional. Thorough and pleasant to work with.
34 Months Ago by blair l|Report Abuse
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My conversation with Idea Buyer representative has been extremely informative in explaining everything to me on how the company works. I am putting all of my trust into this company.
35 Months Ago by mmcpeek|Report Abuse
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