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CO2Lift by Lumisque

304 Indian Trce
Ste 276
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33326
(954) 320-6985
Fax (954) 998-7312
Based on 18 reviews.

General Information
The co2lift by LumisQue is a one of a kind, holistic anti-aging skin treatment from Japan that has been used across Asia for over a decade and is now available here in the U.S. the first time. This product is an advanced treatment that solves the issue of aging skin without pain or downtime. It can be used to enhance post laser treatments, peels or simply on its own to maintain your skin's desired appearance and is gentle enough to be used on eyelids and under the eye as well.
    Based on 18 reviews.
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Best Resurfacing Treatment in Atlanta. Highly recommend to everyone.
6 Months Ago by brown89juric|Report Abuse
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We had a great experience with co2 lift products!
7 Months Ago by martin89jackson|Report Abuse
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Co2Lift oxygen facial makes my skin younger without any injection. Amazing Results and highly recommended.
8 Months Ago by brown899sam|Report Abuse
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Amazing results with co2 lift facial by Lumisque. My skin looks better and I highly recommend you to all of my friends. overall it's improves the texture and smoothness of your face skin.
8 Months Ago by jacob08smith|Report Abuse
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Great Results, Best skin treatment!!
8 Months Ago by simon89jack|Report Abuse
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The co2 mask treatment is very good. I felt my face is more clean and tight!! Highly Recommended.
9 Months Ago by samuel21bob|Report Abuse
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I have been using the CO2 Mask for month now and I absolutely love it. It is very easy to apply and causes no pain. Thanks, Lumisque for such a good product.
10 Months Ago by markwint89|Report Abuse
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If you want to regain the radiance & glow of your skin, you must take oxygen facial. You will see the immediate results. It also helps you to reduce the pore size of your skin which helps you to get rid of acne problem.
11 Months Ago by oliver89lee|Report Abuse
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Oxygen facial becomes a very effective solution for the individuals who are struggling with excessive skin dryness. It moisturizes your skin and restores the PH level of your skin. It also helps to repair the sun damages.
11 Months Ago by Wilson Solo|Report Abuse
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Oxygen facial is one of the best ways of bringing back the lost glory of your face. It is the best way to make your skin younger and helps you to get rid of dull skin.
11 Months Ago by hallsmacc|Report Abuse
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If you miss your baby soft skin, you should give a try to oxygen facial. In today’s modern life, when we step out of our door, our skin comes in contact with pollutants, which affects our skin very badly. Oxygen facial removes that pollutants and improves the blood circulation which makes your skin younger.
12 Months Ago by leo89jack|Report Abuse
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CO2 Mask treatment improved my skin tone and it helps with healing, discomfort,redness.
12 Months Ago by john89backon|Report Abuse
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I am a loyal customer of co2 lift for over 2 years. It's improve the quality of my skin!!
13 Months Ago by Jason Levy|Report Abuse
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We recommend Co2 lift treatments to the people who want to get rid of wrinkles and want immediate results for skin tightening. Our clients used this treatment and found wonderful results.
13 Months Ago by andrewfrank31|Report Abuse
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If you want to get rid of your aging problem, Co2 lifting mask is the most effective technique ever, we used in our spa. After having this mask treatment your skin will rejuvenate completely and looks better than ever. Our clients loved this treatment a lot.
13 Months Ago by Anna Green|Report Abuse
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Co2 Lifting mask shows unbelievable results & more effective than other techniques, We used in our spa. In this technique no injection or surgical appliances are used. It is very easy to use. We recommend CO2Lift by Lumisque to get best results.
14 Months Ago by Gevh Zen|Report Abuse
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In market there are so many anti-aging products but nothing shows results. Spending on these products is like wasting your money. Co2 Lifting mask is a new technique to cure your wrinkles.This shows very effective and powerful results for our clients.
14 Months Ago by Michel Lee|Report Abuse
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Co2Lift makes your skin younger, moreover, the technique used during the whole process is without any injection or any devices. We Recommend it to many clients and they all are happy with this product.
14 Months Ago by Andrew Grayson|Report Abuse
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