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Moving APT - The Simplest Way To Move Interstate.

936 Sw 1st Ave.suite 130
Miami, FL 33130
(786) 454-2776
Moving company
Based on 8 reviews.

General Information

Moving to your new apartment has never been easier than this and interestingly cheaper than it has ever been. With Moving APT you get amazingly cheap moving quotes and guidance. Moving APT a company that started in 1999, has kept the flag flying in the spheres of classic moving services. Call in now for a sure service you can?t deny?

Products & Services
Moving company
    Based on 8 reviews.
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I am so happy to report that I received an amazing service from Moving Apt! They are really the best! They moved me cross country and they did not damage a single thing. My mom lives with me and even she said nice things about them. She is very experienced and has moved a lot, so good things coming from her say a lot. Anyways, the move was great. I paid a very low amount and still got the best service in the house. They were very efficient, caring and effective. I highly recommend this moving company to all.
4 Days Ago by Mark25|Report Abuse
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Yes they are efficient, effective and caring. I wouldn’t have believed it but now that I have used them, I know these are all true!! They moving team took good care of me. They took their time and packed all my things with great care. In just 4 hours all was packed and loaded. The delivery was on time and I saw that there wasn’t a single damage anywhere! They were so helpful! They even helped with the electric problems! They are multitalented! I loved their rates because it was less than the others and perfect for me. I highly recommend Moving Apt to all!
6 Days Ago by Joseph9|Report Abuse
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I was safely moved from point A to B and there were no problems at all! My younger brother lives with me and he is the one who hired Moving Apt. I am writing this review to tell others that this moving company is very reliable and professional. They moved us very easily and smoothly. All the necessary precautions were taken to protect our belongings and they made sure nothing was damaged. The delivery was made on time and at the end, the price did not change! Everything went so well. Thank you very much.
7 Days Ago by RyanP|Report Abuse
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On the day of the move I urgently needed to step out of the house due to some office reasons and they were all alone at my place. I really had no other way so I just kept faith and left. They called me an hour before finishing the work on this side. I came and saw that there was nothing left to do. All was packed and loaded. It’s been two months since I have hired them. They delivered everything in two weeks but I kept this entire time to myself to see if anything was missing or not. Trust me there was nothing missing and also no damages. They are very honest! Hire Moving Apt!
10 Days Ago by PhilipMurphy|Report Abuse
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If you need a good moving company, you definitely should hire Moving Apt! They are right for you! They have the best crew and best customer service. They move you with perfection! They come on time and pack your things with care and respect. I recently hired them and they did a great job!! I have an old antique clock which was passed down to me. I really loved that they took very good care of it. There was not a single scratch on it! The rest of my things were also nicely packed and moved too. I had a great experience with them and that’s why I would love to recommend them to all.
11 Days Ago by Benjamin70|Report Abuse
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Truly words are not enough to describe how efficient and professional they are! The moving team moved me so magically. In just four hours everything was wrapped, packed and loaded. How they managed to do it in such a short time is truly unbelievable! On more point I would like to add is that they helped to fix my baby’s crib. It was slightly loose and it was falling off. They insisted that they would like to help. I thought they might charge me a little, but they did not! The men at Moving Apt are the best! Only because of them I received a damage free move.
15 Days Ago by Frank.Bryant|Report Abuse
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They are real pros. They surely are! They take your things and move you without any pressure at all. They make sure everything is done the right way and the only thing for you to do is pay. They move you within the given time and deadline. Everything comes back to you the way it was and the best part is that they do not charge much. You can do a long distance move with them at a very low cost. You can afford them! And they are very professional and efferent. They will get the job done. Moving APT rocks!
17 Days Ago by Wilden|Report Abuse
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The moving team who came to help me was very well coordinated and professional. They moved all my furniture without even bumping it. There was not a single dent or starch on anything. They moved me smoothly and easily. I loved their pricing. They beat everyone! I know they are not yet the best, but pretty soon they will be. They are the best in my book. I highly recommend Moving Apt to all.
20 Days Ago by Ernest Sanchez|Report Abuse
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