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Process Server One

9778 Katella Ave #217
Anaheim, CA 92804
(855) 545-1303
What Exactly Is the Process Service?
Based on 11 reviews.

General Information
Process Service is essentially the process of delivering legal papers to a specific business or a person. However, while doing so, we have to follow the particular rules that will leave no room for doubt that the person or organization received the documents. Some documents have to be personally served ? delivered to that specific person. No one else can take or accept in that person?s name. The rules are similar for an organization or a business ? we have to deliver the documents to the appointed person in the firm. That can be the head of the office or an appointed agent.
Products & Services
There?s more to Process Service than meets the eye, and so much more than what you see in the movies. There?s a particular protocol that everyone has to follow to abide by the state laws.
    Based on 11 reviews.
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Absolutely awesome!!! The service was fast easy affordable and I will definitely use again and highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone!! Thanks again Process Server One!!!
12 Days Ago by Annette Lenz|Report Abuse
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Process Server One was very informative over the phone about the process of the legal documents. Treated me with respect and was very communicative. I would use it again in a heartbeat whenever I need his services.
22 Days Ago by Gertrude Drayton|Report Abuse
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Process Server One was able to locate and serve a family member for me when nobody else could. Their office staff and servers are second to none and truly go above and beyond. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of their services. Thank you for everything!
1 Month Ago by miriam eklund|Report Abuse
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Process Server One is highly handy, professional, and complete. The information document I had made a big difference. I highly recommend the services and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.
2 Months Ago by phyllis peel|Report Abuse
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Process Server One was very prompt, and willing to handle follow up questions. Communicated well and explained everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of investigations and related services.
3 Months Ago by vivian poston|Report Abuse
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There is great honor in the work they do. Please consider for your job. Will present want you want.
3 Months Ago by jennifer spink|Report Abuse
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This company is astonishing. Fantastic people They treat everybody with respect and are willing to help in any way. Definitely 5 stars to Process Server One!
3 Months Ago by marsha menke|Report Abuse
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Never had any problems with this society and they all the time show up. Definitely urge them!
4 Months Ago by  vivian tindall|Report Abuse
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Amazing Customer Service. Got the information we needed in less than two days. Will be sure to use Process Server One again.
5 Months Ago by tonjabillups|Report Abuse
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I am very pleased with the service you have given me and the concomitant protection to my clients. I am gratified that I receive prompt written confirmation of every assignment, as well as timely and efficient service, and, of course, a written confirmation upon completion of the assignment, and the affidavit of service. I am glad that I can count on you. It gives me that much more confidence when I intake a case in which process must be served.
12 Months Ago by Moreno2324|Report Abuse
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Process Server One is professional, reliable, and overall provides excellent service. They provide responses to questions or follow-ups in a timely fashion and are always super helpful. All the staff/employees whom I’ve interacted with are knowledgeable on all matters and are very nice individuals to interact with. I would recommend Process Server One to any firm or company who serves hundreds of defendants and/or companies. Great service.
13 Months Ago by Gonzales21234|Report Abuse
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