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Apartment Painting Oklahoma

817 SE 19th St oklahoma city, Ok 73129
Oklahoma City, OK 73129
(405) 666-0959
enjoy life in full color
Based on 12 reviews.

General Information
We are Apartment Paitnting Oklahoma delivering reliable painting services throughout Oklahoma. our services include all of Oklahoma and are provided by painters who are competent experts and present outstanding results with every paint job. we are a professional company utilizing contractors and individuals specialized in all aspects of painting.

our services include taping, plastering, skim coating, decorative painting and a wide variety of color glazing, faux painting, Venetian plaster and other textured finishes. we are experienced exterior painters specialized in high quality exterior painting (pressure washing, shingles, stucco trim, aluminum refinishing and spray painting). quality work, fair rates and reliable service earn us a great reputation among customers and set us apart from competitors.
Products & Services
Wallpaper Installation, Stripe Painting, Plaster and Drywall Services, Tiling, Kitchen Remodeling,

Bathroom Renovations, Decorative Finishes, Paintiong Office, Apartment Painting, Hardwood Floor Installation, Exterior Painting, Interior Painting
    Based on 12 reviews.
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Apartment Painting Oklahoma, I do a beautiful job in my living room, great service.
2 Months Ago by Nacary|Report Abuse
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Thanks to Apartment Painting Oklahoma my house, it looks beautiful, both inside and out, the specialists are very punctual, we are happy with the change in our home.
2 Months Ago by Carvajal|Report Abuse
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I needed to make a color change to my office, and call Apartment Painting Oklahoma they understood my proposal, and best of all they fit my budget.
2 Months Ago by Marianni|Report Abuse
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I needed to change the color of one of the rooms in my house, since I was in the sweet wait for my first-born to hire the service of Apartment Painting Oklahoma , the room was very beautiful.
2 Months Ago by Nathi|Report Abuse
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This team from Apartment Painting Oklahoma, they do a good job, I highly recommend them, for their patience, punctuality and prices!
2 Months Ago by Alejandra|Report Abuse
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Apartment Painting Oklahoma they are professional in their job, his painting work are beautifull with high quality in painting desing with great colors to each style. I recomended this to my friends and him tell me what a great services
3 Months Ago by Mariarosales|Report Abuse
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We recommend Apartment Painting Oklahoma, because they did an excellent job of painting kitchen and ceiling remodeling at my grandfather's house located in Edmon, we were amazed at how quickly they remodeled and painted everything perfect, extraordinary change transforming the house looks new with very nice modern decor As we expected, incredible results, we are very satisfied with these professionals, they are the best thousand thanks.
3 Months Ago by Safira Donquiz|Report Abuse
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We contracted, Apartment Painting Oklahoma, to carry out activities related to interior and exterior paintings in the house of Tío Roberto located in Oklahoma City, They used the best paintings of very good quality turning all areas of the house into comfortable spaces with beauty enhancement of beautiful environments a splendor excellent results recommended.
3 Months Ago by Osmarly Kendall|Report Abuse
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We selected the company, Apartment Painting Oklahoma, the best option to paint and remodel the bathrooms in my brother Pablo's house located in Broken Arrow, they are very organized, they fulfilled everything agreed perfectly in the budgeted time, excellent product quality, we were so excited. I decided to paint the entire house all spectacular thanks to excellent workers.
3 Months Ago by Anna Aurea|Report Abuse
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The professionals at Apartment Painting Oklahoma provide us with advice to start the project of painting work in rooms of Apartment located in Norman, they have qualified personnel of high category, the products are the best achieving impressive finishes in the very nice rooms with lighting of charming colors to give comfort to the environment I recommend them.
3 Months Ago by Alejandra Winchester|Report Abuse
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We decided to paint our house located in Clare More. A friend recommended us to the professional experts at Apartment Painting Oklahoma, they are competent, they had a very tidy job, they used all the compatible tools to deliver clean walls with very well painted radiant colors Beautiful renovated space for a beautiful house, I recommend them 100%.
3 Months Ago by Eglismoreno|Report Abuse
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The wall painting on my apartment was ugly and old i needed change and now thanks to the professional of Aparment painting Oklahoma looks new. I really recommend it so professional, responsible and quality work
3 Months Ago by Mariamartinez_|Report Abuse
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