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What good is a centerpiece if you can't chip parts of it off into your glass? Let your local Bashaw, AB ice sculpting experts create a masterful ice sculpture for you today, and cool your dining room down with style.

Bashaw, AB Ice Sculptures

If you want to take your next event, party, wedding, prom, dinner party, or other special occasion up a notch, hire an ice sculptor. There?s nothing that says high class and elegance like a delicately carved statue made of ice. Our ice artists have found a way to turn ordinary filtered tap water into gold. They?ve spent years perfecting their designs and have huge portfolios.

Ice sculpting is a way to make a true knockout centerpiece for your table or attraction for your party. Most people think of ice sculptures as purely decorative additions, but many can serve functions as well. Have your beer poured and cooled by an ornately carved Irishman. Ice artists are able to transform large blocks of pure ice into all types of items, such as modern sculptures, playful animals, lifelike people, trees and flowers, and just about anything else. Our talented ice sculptors utilize the latest technology and utmost skill to create custom works of art, but also use the more traditional tools such as chainsaws, picks, and chisels. By adding a custom-made ice sculpture to your next party, wedding, or corporate event, you?ll elevate it to new heights.

When you look into hiring a local Bashaw, AB ice sculpting service, there are some things you should always consider: all of our ice sculpting experts are well-trained and are often commissioned not only to create custom ice art for your event, but also to perform ice sculpting and carving demonstrations, corporate and business team building seminars, and educational seminars. There is nothing more amazing than seeing someone carve a remarkably realistic sculpture out of a block of ice with nothing but a chainsaw and a block of metal. It will be important to consult with our sculpting service in order to discuss design ideas, size of sculpture, and other details. These sculptors are quite experienced and can help you brainstorm or narrow down ideas for your ice sculpture so that you get the best one for your event. Keep in mind that a Bashaw, AB ice sculpting service will typically deliver the ice sculpture right before your event, to ensure that it remains as frozen as possible, provide water containment units, to prevent leaks, and provide any lighting equipment you might need. Don?t worry about your ice sculpture melting away, however. Typical sculptures last, in their recognizable form, at least 6-9 hours in moderate temperatures. You know you want to add an element of elegance and sophistication to your next event, so contact one of our ice sculpting experts today.

Bashaw, AB Ice Artists

I grew up in a very snowy climate. During the warmer spring months, snow would fall overnight, melt during the day, and then refreeze as ice the next night. It wouldn't be long before we always heard the sound of a chain saw starting up and we knew that the Bashaw, AB ice sculptors were coming outside to play. I was always amazed at how an ice artist could turn a crudely shaped block of ice into a beautiful piece of art. With their chisels, ice picks, bevels, hammers, shavers, knives and chain saws, they bent the ice to their will created everything from Emperor Penguins to detailed caricatures of famous celebrities to remarkably detailed landscape scenes.

When visiting Bashaw, AB in the winter, you may just catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful ice sculptures you have ever seen. Head to a local bar, and there may even be a sculptor there working on custom shot glasses. Talk about making good use of ice, and forget about washing dishes! Ice sculpting is around every corner and will take your mind off the cold weather.

If you are interested in learning more about the well-established art of ice carving, I suggest planning a trip up to Bashaw, AB to check out the talented ice artists.

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