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If you need someone to help you appropriately map out property lines in Bashaw, AB, call a local land surveyor today.

Bashaw, AB Professional Surveyors

Land surveying is one of the world's oldest professions, dating back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylonia. The goal of land surveying is to accurately map land and territories, especially property lines. If you have property and want to determine where it ends, you need to hire a local Bashaw, AB land surveyor.

Property Line Land Surveyor of Bashaw, AB

Our local surveyors in Bashaw, AB map out property and boundary lines so you know exactly where your land extends. We also help stake out boundaries so that new roads can be built, monitor skyscrapers and buildings to ensure they are erected vertically, and measure airports to ensure that their runways are smooth and correctly aligned.

We are a critical part of the construction design processes. We perform boundary surveys and topography mapping, establish elevations, and complete title surveys for real estate transactions. Additionally, we can certify that structures are built to design and lay out buildings, subdivisions, and other construction projects. Finally, we can write legal descriptions describing a particular property, and we can build control networks so there?s a standard for land parcels in a particular area. With all that we do, it?s no wonder that you might need our help.

We can also map slopes and river bottoms, corridors for tunnels, roads, airports, pipelines, cellular networks and railroads, sub-dividing lots, and more.

Our Bashaw, AB surveyors have gone through extensive training and certification testing to ensure that they know what they?re doing. They?re multi-talented individuals who are always ready and prepared to work. If you need to hire a land surveyor for your business or home, just give us a call and we?ll be right on our way.

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