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Where’s the beef?! Well, you won't find better butchers than the ones you will find in Bashaw, AB. From filets to sheep stomach, they have it all.

Bashaw, AB Meat Markets

If you are looking for a fine cut of Kobe beef, or a delicious pork tenderloin, then you have come to the right place. Our Bashaw, AB butchers specialize in the best cuts of meat in the city. Our butchers have both regular and organic cuts, and a wide selection of meats, from standard domestic animals to rare and exotic cuts. We have ox tails, venison, moose meat, elk meat, buffalo, beef, beefalo, pork, chicken, game hens, and much more. We can special order just about any kind of meat in the world, too, if you don't mind paying a bit of extra cash for your zebra flank steak or ostrich drumstick.

At our butcher shops, you will also find just about any cut you want, including: roasts, strip steaks, filet mignon, ham, bacon, sausages, and more. We want you to buy our meat, cook it, savor it, and enjoy it. Just be careful how you cook our fine meats. Don't slather them in A-1 sauce, please. Use a pinch of salt and let the natural flavors of the meat stand on their own.

Now doesn't that make your mouth water?

Bashaw, AB Custom Butchering

We don’t just offer a variety of meats and cuts. Our Bashaw, AB butchers also offer other services such as custom butchering, cutting and wrapping, smoking, curing, wild game processing, and more. We typically have deli meats and cheeses on hand, too. If you're nice, our butchers will serve you up a snack, maybe a slice of ham or a beef jerky stick. Our guys really know their stuff, so be respectful.

Of course, our staff has a sense of humor, too. When you’re talking with one of our Bashaw, AB butchers, make sure you say, "You really butchered that one." It’s always hilarious. Pay no attention to the rumors that some rude customers got a back-room "private demonstration" of our guys' slicing and chopping skills.

I'd watch my mouth around our Donner Pass, California shop, though.

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