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Here's a great idea. Put on a backpack, take a plane to 5000 feet, then jump out. Brilliant. Skydiving in Bashaw, AB can be awesome. If free falling to your death appeals to you, then you are going to love us.

Skydiving Instructors in Bashaw, AB

We have talented and skilled Skydiving Instructors. We can train you in the art of free falling. Do you love the feel of falling, but hate hitting the ground? We do too. With the help of these adrenaline junkies, you will learn about skydiving safety, skydiving equipment, various types of sky diving jumps including tandem jumping, and more. Our Bashaw, AB skydiving experts are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and ready to help you fly.

Tandem Skydiving in Bashaw, AB

When taking your first jump, most opt for a Tandem Jump which requires little to no training. A Tandem Jump is when you are strapped to a skydiving instructor. That way, if you go down you are sure to take someone with you. When learning how to skydive in Bashaw, AB, your instructors will educate on the ground first, helping you to understand the fundamentals of skydiving, including stable body positions, turning techniques, radio assisted landing, hover control and holding a direction, linked and unlinked falls, back loops, 180-degree turns, delta, flare and wave off, 360 degree turns, free falls, and more importantly landing! It's best to learn on the ground, because if you screw up, you only have about 2 feet to fall. Brilliant, right? Our skydiving experts will help you to familiarize yourself with the skydiving equipment you will be using, including your parachute, pack, and pull cords and chute release mechanism, helmets, radio equipment and more. For the more experienced skydiver in Bashaw, AB, you can attempt an accelerated free fall (AFF), which is one of the quickest ways of becoming a qualified skydiver, and is typically one of the easiest and most affordable ways of jumping.

Skydiving Equipment in Bashaw, AB

Depending on the Bashaw, AB Skydiving service you choose, most will provide you with all of the safety equipment and tools to be able to jump safely. If you are a professional jumper, you will have to check with the service to see if they will allow you to jump with your own equipment.

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