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If you think holistic doctors are whacked in Elmworth, AB and traditional doctors rely too much on drugs, osteopaths and osteopathic medicine may be just the answer for you.

What Is Elmworth, AB Osteopathic Medicine?

Somewhat controversial for its focus on holistic health, osteopathic medicine in Elmworth, AB emphasizes manual treatment -- much like chiropractic medicine, but with mainstream health treatment, too. Typically, your Elmworth, AB osteopath will focus on the muscles, tendons, and joints in your neck and back, where most people carry their tension and stress. A treatment will often consist of light manipulation and an all-around checkup.

Seriously, we're not crazy. We just look at your health from a holistic perspective, not a systematic one. We welcome criticism and aim for a pure and wholesome view of modern health care. Our skilled health professionals have years of training and a full clinic to meet your health needs.

The history of osteopathic medicine can be traced back to the American Civil War, when a young doctor wanted to focus more on bones ("osteo") and mobility. He worked tirelessly to promote his own brand of medicine, and while he attracted some notable adherents, like Mark Twain, osteopathy took some time to be recognized as a legitimate medical field.

Osteopaths and osteopathic medicine practitioners want you to be balanced, centered, and relaxed. Our skilled doctors -- they do have medical degrees -- are ready to help you change your posture and overall health. Much of our focus is on joints, mobility, and general muscle health. We can help athletes, weightlifters, and non-athletic people learn how their body works. If you stay aware of your body, you'll be better equipped to improve your posture. We believe good posture translates into good health.

If you're interested in learning more about osteopaths or osteopathic medicine in Elmworth, AB, consult your local library. Learn all that you can about our branch of medicine, and when you're ready to get real about your health, stop on by for our quick five-minute pitch about our specific brand of osteopathic services. If you try what we're offering, you're sure to be convert to osteopathic medicine and maybe, even a practitioner yourself.

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