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Elmworth, AB Employment and Workplace Rights Attorney - Tired of coworkers stealing your lunch from the break room? Our Employment and Workplace Rights Attorneys of Elmworth, AB can help.

Wrongful Termination Attorney in Elmworth, AB

Elmworth, AB Employment and Workplace Rights Attorneys will defend you if you feel like your employer or boss is treating you unfairly, if you are not receiving your allotted lunch breaks, or if you do not think you are being compensated fairly. Or maybe you have been recently terminated, but not by Arnold Schwarzenegger so you live to tell the story, but you feel that you were wrongfully terminated. The tapes showing you stealing paper clips and thumbtacks were clearly doctored, and who out of their right mind would believe that stealing a paper clip a day for 18 years would make sense anyway? (I don’t need to tell you that the black market on office paper clips is thriving). Elmworth, AB Wrongful Termination Attorneys can help you either to get that job back, or to at least keep the paper clips.

Employment Discrimination Attorney in Elmworth, AB

Do you work for a total jerk, who forces you to do things that are completely not in your job description? Are you underpaid? Do you not get a 10 minute break for every 4 hours of work? Is your office too drafty? Are you working overtime and not being paid for it? You do not deserve to be treated like this! Hire a Elmworth, AB Employment and Workplace Rights Attorney.  Employment Discrimination Attorneys in Elmworth, AB will put legal pressures on your employer to force them to treat you with more respect. Although, my guess is, if you hire an attorney to get what you want, they are going to be looking for even the tiniest reason to justify terminating you, so be aware of that.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney in Elmworth, AB

I have often considered hiring a Elmworth, AB Employment and Workplace Rights Attorney when my lunch is cut short, for whatever reason, or if the music playing on the radio is lame, or whatever. Right now, the nameplate on my office door is a sticky-note. I am currently in contact with my Elmworth, AB Attorney for Employment and Workplace Rights, and with his help, I will have a real nameplate in no time. The last place I worked, whose name I am not legally permitted to mention, I sued the pants off my former boss because she constantly asked me to get things down from the top shelf, clearly not in my job description. I approached her one day about harassment because of my height, including the unfairness of being the only one asked to attend to the top shelf, and can you believe she laughed at me? I made that laugh worth a pretty penny, as I recorded the incident using a tape recorder placed on the top shelf that she couldn’t see, how’s that for irony!

Labor Union Attorney in Elmworth, AB

Elmworth, AB Employment and Workplace Rights Attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that businesses and employees have a full understanding of their workplace rights. If you feel you have been discriminated against, or are being treated unfairly, contact a local Elmworth, AB Labor Union Attorney today.

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