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Turner Valley, AB Pipe Inspection - Do you think your pipes are bad? Our pipe inspectors in Turner Valley, AB will show you just how bad they really are.

New Home Pipe Inspection in Turner Valley, AB

If you’re purchasing a new home or condo, save yourself some grief from bad pipes by having them inspected by one of Turner Valley, AB’s local professional Pipe Inspection services.  Cracked pipes are no fun.  Trust me. I live in Turner Valley, AB and was minding my own business, doing the dishes, when all of a sudden, there was a popping sound and no more water pressure.  It put a real damper on the night, literally.  The pipe drained into my bedroom, which was even more unfortunate, because it ruined my collection of Star Wars memorabilia.  And even more lame than that?  You all now know that I had a Star Wars memorabilia collection.  Should have called a Home Pipe Inspector in Turner Valley, AB sooner.

Turner Valley, AB Sewer and Drain Pipe Inspectors

Having a home inspected prior to purchasing is a major necessity. While home inspectors are great, they are not qualified to inspect certain aspects of the house such as the pipes and sewer pipes. This is where a certified Pipe Inspector in Turner Valley, AB comes in. Turner Valley, AB Pipe Inspection services inspect the house's pipes, drain pipes, sewer pipes, storm water drains and more. 

Turner Valley, AB Video Pipe Inspection

Turner Valley, AB Pipe Inspection technicians come well equipped to peak through pipes and see where no man has seen before, or at least in theory. The Pipe Inspector in Turner Valley, AB will perform a video inspection using state of the art remote cameras and reporting software. They will also use lasers to measure gaps and intrusions in the pipes, such as cracks, or bad joints. Upon inspection, the Turner Valley, AB Inspector of pipes will provide you with a detailed report, and usually will show you video of the findings. The report will detail any negative findings and will provide recommendations on solutions to either repair or replace the pipe or pipe system. If the inspection goes well, the Pipe Inspector will provide you with a report detailing that the pipes are in sound working order and are not in need of repair or replacement. To find out more about a Turner Valley, AB Home Pipe Inspection, pick up the phone and call today.  And to kill two birds with one stone, you can even ask if your Pipe Inspector moonlights as a ghost hunter, as many often do.  Sometimes a bit of ghostly findings are exactly what a home or business need to make life a bit more exciting.

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