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If you live in damp Wetaskiwin, AB, and can't see the mold in the bread you're eating, it's time for some mold training and certification to keep you from turning into a giant petri dish yourself.

Wetaskiwin, AB Mold Inspector Training

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending your days in basements and attics, trying to identify fuzzy green stuff, mold training and certification in Wetaskiwin, AB is for you! As a Wetaskiwin, AB mold inspector, you will learn how to identify the presence of microbial contamination and the sources of any underlying moisture intrusion. Additionally, you will learn how to perform and interpret air quality tests, and to determine if mold levels within a home or business are safe for the occupants. A certified mold inspector uses a variety of instruments to assist in his or her job, such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, and hydrometers.

Our Wetaskiwin, AB mold training and certification classes will help you learn all this and more. We will help you get certified and prepare you for an interesting career in mold training, too. You can look forward to interesting mold seminars and conferences. Seriously, though, those are a hoot. You'll get to swap stories about inch-thick zygomycota colonies and dangerous cellars. You might even get to hear about the "dead body cleanup in the middle of a heat wave" that Jim had to handle last year.

If you enjoy our mold classes, you might even want to purse teaching about mold as a career. We do it, and it's fascinating. Yes, time on the job helps, but "book learning" and classroom lectures are equally valuable. You need to consider what your future holds, and reach out and grab it. Our instructors will get you moving on the right path.

Wetaskiwin, AB Mold Training/Certification

Once you have determined the presence of unhealthy mold levels, you need to know what to do with such a finding, and how to do it.  Sounds simple enough right? Our experts will teach you how to contain an area of mold growth, achieve negative air pressure, remove the damaged materials, apply antimicrobial treatments and conduct clearance experiments. With our help, you'll be a well-trained, certified, moldy wizard in no time at all!

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