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Tame the sun, rival Apollo, be a Wetaskiwin, AB hero and claim your status on Mount Olympus by using solar power energy systems as your launching pad.

Harnessing The Sun In Wetaskiwin, AB

The sun just sits there all day, mocking our very existence. Yeah, maybe it does give and sustain life, and maybe we wouldn’t exist without it, but apart from that, what really has it done for us lately? It has made us feel small and insignificant for far too long, and I won’t stand for it. After too many days basking in its rays and shaking my fist at the seemingly faceless orb, hoping to send some type of protest to the heavens, I must admit that my anger was like an angry old man at a deli sending back soup – worthless.

Where have I gone wrong? Then suddenly it hits me, and like the sun I rise again, finding a new approach to being at peace with the sun. Wetaskiwin, AB solar power energy systems are that new approach. Icarus was wrong to think that the sun could be tamed, and he suffered greatly for it (though he did get a sea named for him, the Greek were strange). Wetaskiwin, AB solar power energy systems know their place. They feed from the sun like a mighty oak does a riverbed.

Wetaskiwin, AB Solar Power Systems

Solar energy, or power, is the light and radiant heat from the sun that can be harnessed for human use through a wide range of technological systems. Solar radiation is one form of energy that is harnessed. Secondary solar resources are wind and wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass. Together, these make up the major forms of solar renewable energy on Earth. Our solar power systems in Wetaskiwin, AB can help you to decide which system is best for you in your home or business, depending on the extent in which you hope to tap in.

Wetaskiwin, AB Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems can create electricity in a variety of ways. Photovoltaic production is a popular technology that uses direct sunlight to heat solar cells packaged in photovoltaic modules to create electricity. It is the world’s fastest-growing energy technology. We can show you how to incorporate photovoltaic production into your Wetaskiwin, AB home or building, whether using arrays or roof tiles with integrated PV cells, or retrofitting an existing structure with roof arrays or a standalone device. PV cells are very popular and could allow you to cut your electricity bill by up to 100 percent.

Wetaskiwin, AB Solar Power and Energy Hot Water Heaters

Solar hot water systems use sunlight to heat water. Solar hot water heaters can be used to create domestic hot water, and even to heat swimming pools. Common types of solar water heaters are evacuated tube collectors, plastic collectors, and glazed flat plate collectors. Water treatment is also possible using solar power, with such results as water distillation and disinfection attainable via solar energy. We can show you the process and products available in solar hot water systems. Solar energy can help to cut your water and energy bills in Wetaskiwin, AB to save you green, and to help you join the green movement. Contact us today.

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