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Next time you purchase a piece of art at a local antique store or garage sale, why not have it evaluated for its true worth? It might not end up being worth much, but you could also have a priceless treasure on your hands. Find a local art and collectable appraisal expert in Wetaskiwin, AB; it could just be your lucky day.

Wetaskiwin, AB Painting Appraisal

Aren?t sure if the artwork you purchased is worth something or not? Contact our art and collectible appraisal service in Wetaskiwin, AB today. Our experienced art appraisers are true professionals who know the difference between a Monet, a Manet, and the work of an amateur.

After reviewing your works of art, our appraisal team in Wetaskiwin, AB will provide you with an exact estimate of each piece?s worth, its origin, and other details. Our art appraisal experts can meet with you at our office or we can come to you, depending on the type of piece being appraised and its size.

If you have multiple pieces to be appraised, it might be easier if we go to your home or office. Our appraisers don?t mind. They enjoy looking at various works of art, and they?ll let you know how much each is worth.

Wetaskiwin, AB Antique And Collectible Appraisal

If you have a piece of art or a collectible item you wish to have appraised in Wetaskiwin, AB, contact our professional and accredited experts.

Our local Wetaskiwin, AB art and collectible appraisal house will typically take into account several factors when appraising a collectible or work of art. These generally include auction records of the artists, the quality or condition of the piece, proof of its authenticity, its market price, and its replacement value.

We use various techniques of appraisal, including microscopic and chemical paint analysis, ultra-violet and infrared photography, x-radiography, computer comparative stylistic research, and even infrared reflectography. When appraising collectibles, our experts will take into account the period of origin, place of origin, auction history, fair market value, and condition of the item. Our final Wetaskiwin, AB art appraisal reports will often include a biography of the artist, comments on the painting or work of art, an auction value, and a gallery value. Depending on the work of art and the client?s request, our appraisers may also include the piece?s origin, original use, or historical significance. If you?d like more information, feel free to contact us.

Wetaskiwin, AB Fine Art Appraisal

Our Wetaskiwin, AB art and collectible appraisal service is a valuable resource for ascertaining the value of your works of art or collectible items. We?ll check the authenticity of your pieces and determine their value.

Wetaskiwin, AB Art Dealers

If you?ve just purchased a new painting at a local garage sale, why not schedule a short meeting with an art dealer or art and collectible appraisal expert to see just how much your new piece of artwork is worth? You never know. It could be worth a small fortune, and you got it for just a handful of dollars. Hire a qualified art and collectible appraiser and see if you?ve just made yourself a couple thousand bucks?or more.

Art Restoration and Appraisal

After inheriting a piece of art, Wetaskiwin, AB Art Restoration and Appraisal should be your first stop on the way home. You can find out just how much that painting your great aunt left you is worth. The memories might make it priceless in your mind, but the knowledge that its market value is a couple hundred or even a couple thousand dollars will surely bring a smile to your face as well. They can also help inform you on the background and origin of the painting: its artist, period and place of origin, and history leading up to the present. And, if the piece of artwork has lost a bit of its luster over the years, the restoration experts can also help restore your art and bring it back to its former glory.

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