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If your business in Wetaskiwin, AB needs a proverbial "shot in the arm", there are private equity investors and firms whose sole existence thrives off of putting money into your company.

Wetaskiwin, AB Private Company Investment Firms

Invest in your privates...I mean...invest in private companies with our Wetaskiwin, AB private equity investors and firms. We can help make your privates public, or make your public persona private.

You have to be careful to listen closely when someone offers to invest in your private company. Even if they claim to represent private equity investors and firms in Wetaskiwin, AB, do your own background check. You never know who they might be.

Are they referring to your business that exists in the private sector? Let’s hope so, because the alternative can get a bit sketchy. If your “company” happens to sell recreational pharmaceuticals (which I’m sure is a lucrative business if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty), you need to be wary of investors. Our private investment firms aren’t that type of investor.

Conversion from a Public to a Private Company in Wetaskiwin, AB

Broadly defined, Wetaskiwin, AB private equity investment refers to investments made by professional managers of investment funds in private companies. The two main categories of such investment are venture capital (VC), which concentrates on newer companies, and buyouts, which concentrate on more seasoned companies. In recent years, a large percentage of these buyouts have involved the purchase of publicly traded Wetaskiwin, AB companies in their entirety and their conversion to private companies. The end-investors, or limited partners (LPs), in these funds are typically large institutional investors, such as pension funds, endowments, and foundations, as well as wealthy individuals. The LPs invest in funds managed by professionals from private equity firms, which typically manage several funds at once. These managers, or general partners (GPs), receive annually a percentage fee of the money under management in these funds as well as a portion of any realized gains, which are commonly realized through the sale of the firm to other investors or through a public stock offering. Our private equity investment firms can help your business to make the leap to the next level.

Wetaskiwin, AB Buyouts

Wetaskiwin, AB private equity investment funds have been around since the mid-1940s, but their growth in recent years has been remarkable.

As noted at the conference by Peter Chung of Summit Partners, total private equity commitments globally totaled about $2.3 billion in 1969, increasing to nearly $335 billion in 2006. Focusing on buyouts, the annual amount invested in these funds was approximately $275 billion in 2006, according to Colin Blaydon (Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth). The standard setup of a Wetaskiwin, AB private equity investment is that the investor (or LP) commits a fixed level of capital at the inception of a fund, but not all of the commitment is drawn at once. Over the contractual life of the fund, capital is drawn down for making specific investments or for paying the annual management fees, which tend to be two percent of the total commitment per year.

Typically, funds make investments during the first five years, hold a given investment for three to seven years, and exit them before the fund expires. The GPs (investment managers) receive variable compensation, known as "carry," that is typically 20 percent of the investment return above the original committed capital amount. For example, on a $100 million investment that grows to $150 million over a ten-year investment horizon, the LP pays the GP $20 million (= $100 million x 2 percent x 10 years) in management fees and $10 million (= ($150-$100) million x 20 percent) in carry fees.

We can show you how much your profit will be, and how the investment of Wetaskiwin, AB private equity investors and firms can positively affect the future of your company. You made your business what it is. Now let us help make your business everything it possibly can be.

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