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Wedding Insurance in Willingdon, AB – You think that caterer may have something vengeful up her sleeve because of something your future mother-in-law said, protect yourself with Wedding Insurance in Willingdon, AB. As for your soon to be mother-in-law, there isn’t an insurance policy strong enough to protect you there, but at least you’ll be covered for your special day. And you can keep this episode as leverage or as a get out of jail free card with your mother-in-law, to be used at your disposal!

Wedding Event Cancellation or Postponement Insurance in Willingdon, AB

You’ve spent your whole life dreaming of the perfect wedding. Finally, that boyfriend of yours popped the question after you’ve been dropping hints like punch lines at a church comedy night. He’s close enough to the man of your dreams, or at least can be for the one special day. Suddenly, the reality of having to plan for that special day sweeps over you, and though you are excited you also have that little fear that it isn’t going to live up to your hopes and dreams. It is not too early to contact Wedding Insurance in Willingdon, AB. Our Willingdon, AB Insurance specialists can provide the first assurance that all of your planning and hard work, and not to mention cost, will not be wasted if something does go wrong. If you have to cancel or postpone because of unforeseen events, such as a terrible weather disaster or a medical emergency (as some brides and grooms have experienced), Wedding Even Cancellation or Postponement Insurance in Willingdon, AB can help to make the rescheduling painless, without costing you a thing. You are in charge of making this wedding the best it can be with your time and resources, Our Insurance providers in Willingdon, AB can be in charge of all of the worries and fears of something going wrong. Let them take this burden from you.

Wedding Liability Insurance in Willingdon, AB

Wedding Insurance in Willingdon, AB is a specialty insurance policy designed to indemnify the Bride and Groom from certain types of claims arising from accidents taking place during the wedding, reception, and rehearsal. It offers protection for the wedding couple for damage to the facility caused by a guest or vendor, bodily injury to guests if they are found liable, and alcohol-related accidents they are found liable for (if Host Liquor Coverage is included on the policy). Think about it, you know you have a few friends that mean well, but have a tendency towards the destructive when alcohol is related. You can’t just ask them to avoid the sauce, but you are a little fearful that if they do drink something may either be set on fire or thrown from a high tower. In a sick way, this kind of excites you, especially as you consider the alternative of a wedding without alcohol and therefore with everyone in their normal neurotic state. The trade off of a little destruction seems worth it, though you don’t want to be made financially viable for your guests’ actions.  Wedding Insurance in Willingdon, AB can help you in this instance to feel safe and secure, and to be able to remain friends with these people even if they do unintentionally sabotage the wedding. Don’t worry, if and when they ever decide to get married themselves, no matter how unlikely that may be, you can mention Wedding Insurance in Willingdon, AB to them, and go on a tear at their wedding for a little bit of revenge and due justice. After all, that’s what friends are for once in a while, take them of leave them.

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