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Willingdon, AB Copyright Patent Trademark Attorneys and Lawyers - Finally you can turn your ideas into gold. Copyright Patent Trademark Attorneys and Lawyers of Willingdon, AB will make it happen.

Intellectual Property Attorney in Willingdon, AB

Trained Willingdon, AB Copyright Patent and Trademark Attorneys are available to help you patent your product, or set up a trademark in Willingdon, AB. Trained Willingdon, AB Intellectual Property Attorneys will also help you to copyright your ideas and products, and will go to bat for you if you feel your work or product is being used without your express permission. Let us say you have a catch phrase that you always say and everyone knows you because of it. Then, let us say someone else joins your clique and starts saying it too. Everyone knows that is your phrase, and this other guy thinks he can just walk in and start saying it, too, as if he invented “strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.” Come on, who is he trying to impress. Just sue him and make him go away. Intellectual Property Attorneys in Willingdon, AB can help you with that ridiculous saying by strapping a fancy trademark on it, and by going undercover in your clique to monitor any infringements that can occur. There are a variety of characters and personalities to choose from in an undercover Intellectual Property Attorney in Willingdon, AB, and they are willing to act as your “yes” men or women, or to say and do really amazing things and give you the credit for them every time. They can even help you in your dating life, feeding you lines through an earpiece, or impersonating you in extremely important situations. Contact your local Willingdon, AB Intellectual Property Attorney as soon as possible; your social life can’t wait.

Product Trademark Attorney in Willingdon, AB

On the other hand, maybe you work for the RIAA and you are having a hard time feeling like a man. Hire a Willingdon, AB Copyright patent and trademark Attorney and lawyer and sue an 8-year-old girl for $250,000 for burning a copy of her friend's “Hannah Montana” CD. She should have gone to Target, like everyone else, and paid $16 to have it on her iPod. Now, her parents are going bankrupt and she has no savings for college, or her future in general, but at least you made your point. Do you feel like a man, now? Do you? Unfortunately, the man is on your side, and Willingdon, AB copyright patent and trademark attorney and lawyers can help.

We can even recommend a great bar to celebrate after, where you can kick some dogs along the way, and maybe steal some candy from the orphans on the corner just for the heck of it. You could even get someone to record the events along the way, stick a fancy product trademark on the video, and then wait for the next bozo to try to market the same product just so you can sue them as well. Well, it's a job. Our copyright patent and trademark attorney and lawyers are smart. Call it judicial karma or merely getting what is coming to you.

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