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3724 N 3rd St #201
Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 344-9850
16611 S. 40th. St., # 130
Phoenix, AZ 85048

(480) 706-1199
11225 N 28th Dr., Suite c218
Phoenix, AZ 85029

(480) 469-2122
BackFit Health + Spine in Phoenix, AZ is a full service chir
2824 East Indian School Road, #5
Phoenix, AZ 85016

(602) 900-9485
A Transcendent Life
17017 N. 12th Street, Unit 2108
Phoenix, AZ 85022

(602) 317-3773
Pain Management Phoenix
9250 W Thomas Rd #200
Phoenix, AZ 85037

(623) 516-8252
9250 W Thomas Rd #200
Phoenix, AZ 85037

(623) 516-8252
9250 W Thomas Rd #200
Phoenix, AZ 85037

(623) 516-8252
The Pain Center at West Phoenix is a comprehensive, full-tim
9250 W Thomas Rd #200
Phoenix, AZ 85037
The Pain Center at West Phoenix is a comprehensive, full-tim
9250 W Thomas Rd #200
Phoenix, AZ 85037

(623) 516-8252
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If you'd like to be able to do the splits at 50, get yourself on down to Phoenix, AZ and check out the physical therapy options available to you. Whether it's improvement of the already "perfect" or rehabilitation of something lost or broken in your body, we have a solution for you.

Phoenix, AZ Physical Therapy

Our Phoenix, AZ physical therapists are trained and certified. We offer a wide range of services and therapy options.

When you visit a Phoenix, AZ physical therapist, you will go through an initial assessment to establish your medical history and to determine your needs. We provide services to help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. Our therapy can help you maintain muscular and physical function into the later years of your life.

Our Phoenix, AZ physical therapists are very knowledgeable about human anatomy and physiology. We have therapists that specialize in cardiopulmonary, geriatric, neurological, orthopedic, pediatric, and integumentary therapy.

Phoenix, AZ Rehabilitation Therapy

With the goal of improved function at home and at work, our physical therapy in Phoenix, AZ can often include exercise, especially for those who have been immobilized or who lack flexibility, strength, or endurance. Through carefully designed exercises, we will encourage you to use your muscles to increase your flexibility and range of motion.

Found out the hard way why you're told to stretch before your games? We're the best physical therapists in Phoenix, AZ. If you are disabled, have recently suffered an injury, or are in need of physical therapy assistance for any other reason, we can get you back on your feet.

Our more advanced therapy in Phoenix, AZ focuses on improving strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. We have helped countless numbers of people to recover optimal neuromuscular and skeletal function. Some of our clients have even chosen to commemorate their time in physical therapy in song.

First was the band “Rehab,” a rap/rock band from Georgia whose lead singer met his future band mates in our recovery center – he was being treated for a blown knee, and they were recovering from a car wreck. They decided “Rehab” made the most sense for their band name, and the rest is history.

Another grateful story comes from the band Quiet Riot, who named their 2006 album “Rehab” after a stint in physical therapy because of an awkward incident involving a sound stage, an oversized crane, and a wayward flock of sheep. The owner of the sheep, whom the band has written into infamy with the song “Evil Woman,” later went on to write the song “In Harm’s Way,” appearing on the same album and describing the incident from her perspective. In the end, the band and the woman couldn’t quite find a way to come to terms with the incident.

Finally, Amy Winehouse had a 2007 hit entitled “Rehab” after her parents and friends forced her into therapy after she destroyed her body with crack and binge drinking.

Phoenix, AZ Sports Therapy

If you are interested in working with our Phoenix, AZ physical therapists, consider that some therapists treat a wide range of ailments, while others might specialize in certain areas. It is important to consult with your doctor to determine if their specialty and knowledge is right for you. Sports therapy is one particular specialty. Our Phoenix, AZ physical therapists can help you to increase your strength and flexibility, and have you back in the game in no time.

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